While people at The Fort where busy burning calories and running the Nike marathon, my friends and I went all the way to Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon City for eat-all-you-can samgyeopsal 삼겹살 at Woori Jib Restaurant. The phrase “Woori Jib” 우리 집 literally means “Our House” and that’s exactly how I feel there.

That’s because at Woori Jib, just P299 gets you samgyupsal-all-you-can! I’ve explained what samgyeopsal is before but for the sake of all my new readers, I’ll repeat it. Samgyeopsal is basically thick, fatty slices of pork belly (think uncured bacon) that you grill. The word samgyeopsal is made up of “sam” 삼 which means “three”, “gyeop” 겹 which means “layer”, and “sal” 살 which means “skin”. In a way, it describes exactly how samgyeopsal looks like: meat with three visible layers.

This is one of the most “Korean” of all Korean dishes not just because of how popular it is in Korea but also because of the distinct way it is eaten. You grilll the meat (on the table), dip it in gireumjang 기름장 (sesame oil with rock salt); add ssamjang 쌈장 (made with chili paste, soybean paste, and sesame oil); add garlic, onions, chili (up to you, I like my samgyeopsal really spicy); roll it in sangchu 상추 (lettuce leaves), then stuff it in your mouth (with your bare hands!) ㅎㅎㅎ

The 299 is quite a deal since this is a true eat-all-you-can; there are no strings attached. You can keep stuffing your face until you can’t do it anymore. There are no time limits except for the actual restaurant operating hours and there are no surcharges if you can’t finish everything in your plate. The ony rule is that you need to order samgyeopsal-all-you-can for everyone in the table (meaning P299 for everyone) so that there won’t be any unfair sharing.

Plus the P299 includes free banchan 반친 which you can keep refilling just like the samgyeopsal. So I assure you that every time you go to Woori Jib, you will get stuffed like a pig (by a lot of pig). ㅋㅋㅋ

The only downside to this is that we went there on a busy dinner night, so the service wasn’t as prompt as we normally have when going there during non-peak hours. Plus the fact that Woori Jib is not airconditioned so it can get really hot! It feels like you’re eating heaven while in hell! Especially when you’re stuffing all that spicy stuff while grilling pork on the table. The meat is also not A-class but it is waaaay better than Kaya. So who cares? I was really craving for some samgyeopsal! My friends and I ended up eating 6 platters of samgyeopsal (one for each of us) by the time we finished!

The only thing that could have made things more perfect was soju. But since soju is usually expensive in Korean restaurants, off we went to the Korean mart. But that’s another post already.


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