ABS-CBN2 has aired in the Philippines practically all the Korean dramas I have seen and loved in the past couple of years (except maybe for Secret Garden which aired in GMA7). And looking at their 2012 Korean drama line-up, I have to say that this is going to be quite an interesting year for Korean drama fanatics. I miss posting about good Korean dramas so I’m glad that ABS-CBN2 got a lot of the dramas that I actually saw and enjoyed. So watch out for future posts on each drama. I ❤ ABS-CBN2!

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  1. jessamin says:

    sana mgkakaroon ng remake ang abs cbn ng he’s beautiful.. c kim ang gaganap na goo mi nam

  2. haahaha napanood ko na halos yung iba pero ang tanging hinihintay konalang ayy yung skipbeat ng super junior kelan po ba ipapalabas??

  3. ianna rose umban says:

    dream high!npanood q na i2 pro d aq ngsasawa..ang cute kc ni suzy..lalo na kung ksman niya c taecyeon or kim soo hyun..

  4. jung yong hwa says:

    sana nga magkaroon ng remake…

  5. Joann says:

    I see you like, Yoo ah in. Hope all his dramas be seen on ABS especially “Sungkunkwan Scandal”

    • joon 준 says:

      I’m quite a fan of Yoo Ah In. He seems so cool~~~ I’m looking forward to seeing Sungkyunghwan Scandal on Philippine TV, too. It was the first of only 2 새국 드라마 (Saeguk Drama) that I have finished. I don’t like Saeguk that much because they tend to be too long for me and I can barely find the time to watch them especially at the same time with its Korean broadcast. But Sungkyunghwan Scandal was light and entertaining so I finished it!!! 응 응 응

      • sheena says:

        i like yoo ah in in sungkyunkwan scandal too!! i think he played the character well in the drama..and as for saeguk dramas? i hope you’ll muster enough patience in watching them,because they really have good storylines..i havent watched a lot of saeguk dramas but i like it so far… do you think abs cbn are discouraged in airing these historical dramas?from what i have observed, only gma has aired this type of dramas..maybe because of the length? i wish they would, because in my opinion, gma is not really doing justice in dubbing the dramas..i felt like the emotion is not there, and something seemed lost in translation.abs is really good in these things, even keeping the original soundtracks and other stuff..anyway, im looking forward to sungkyunkwan scandal in tagalog..

      • i’ve seen Yoo Ah In’s fashion king but sad to say i don’t like how the story end.

  6. Katherine peregrin says:

    …super duper ganda ng dream high…guz2 q na mapanood ung part 2…qng meron man..

  7. hinnaru says:

    hope for the remake of he’s beaUtiful too,.buT it would be Nice and loOk real if it will starrEd BY real twins..ANG ganda nun,.i am imagining the twins of aga&charlene,,or carmina&zoren in the near fuTure! ^_^

  8. hinnaru says:

    hope for the remake of he’s beaUtiful too,.buT it would be Nice and loOk real if it will starrEd BY real twins..ANG ganda nun,.i am imagining the twins of aga&charlene,,or carmina&zoren in the near fuTure! ^_^

  9. rainey says:

    hope abs cbn would show THE MOON THAT EMBRACES THE SUN, THE PRINCESS MAN, and TREE WITH DEEP ROOTS too, they are period dramas but not that long and are epic, and simply awesome. like sungkyunkwan, they are not boring and action scenes are at its best. acting-wise? it’s at its best.

  10. shin eun jae says:

    i want to ask if there is exact date when love rain will be aired ??

  11. love rain is not finish yet..;) i still watching it in the internet…

  12. oyingragratz says:

    I just finished watching, The Moon that Embraces the Sun…it will surely be a great hit on the Philippine television. Super Duper nice!!! Empressive!!!! Hand up!

  13. marikris says:

    can’t disagree more w/ u guys regarding “the moon that embraces the sun!…i supeeer love too the plot…as well as the actors and actresses…:0)

  14. John says:

    i hope abs-cbn will also show K-Pop The Ultimate Survival, Love Rain, King2Hearts, Operation Proposal, Fashion King, Queen Inhyun’s Man, and Full House 2. These are the best Korean dramas of 2012. I know they plan to show Rooftop Prince which is a great show also.

  15. Sara says:

    Brain should also be part of the lineup… it’s just an incredible medical drama… and the actors and actresses did really great..

  16. Hana says:

    Joon-ah~ Are you Filipino?

  17. Jen says:

    please do include these great dramas in the line-up: The Moon that embraces the Sun, Rooftop Prince, Wild Romance, and currently airing BIG.. They are highly recommended for 2012 dramas! 🙂

  18. rochelle says:

    nakakabitin ang drem high.. sana i’replay nyo po.. mamimiss ko tuloy ang panonood ng dream high gabi gabi.. 😦

  19. zcharlie says:

    out of all these knoelas i have seen the recently concluded Love Rain and I have also seen Glory Jane both are worth watching.

  20. Grace says:

    i wish na ipalabas din ng Abs Cbn after ng Dream high ang “Sunkyunkwan Scandal” starring Park min young 😀
    i like it much 😀

  21. mai says:

    hmmm… napanood ko yong BIG sa youtube and i think maganda xa ha.

  22. mai says:

    maganda din yong rooftop prince kakatapos ko lang panoorin. its worth watching!

  23. sittie hamima macadato says:

    ang gling nmn ng abs cbn halos lhat ng napanood kong korean and taiwanese nahanip rin nila
    lhat pa nmn un mag2nda!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. mhaya says:

    kala ko sa abs cbn ipapalabas yung Lie to me, bat napunta sa GMA… di bagay yung boses na ginamit, ang pangit.

  25. ruby_lady_donna? says:

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!mgbabaLIK na ang CITYHUNTER ng buhay ko
    gu jun pyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. gdik says:

    When I searched Glory Jane, it has ABS-CBN broadcasting it supposedly this year. when will it air though? I like Queen inhyun’s man, a gentleman’s dignity, king 2 hearts and rooftop prince. i hope they’ll air a light/comedic series this time around. There’s too much heavy drama with the line up these days.

  27. yoon shi yeon says:


  28. yoon shi yeon says:

    I hate it..Moon embraces the sun will be air in GMA.Why is it ABS-CBn don’t usually air korean historical drama like the Queen Seon Deok..I think it would be great if they purchased it…That’s why im a little bit shock when Sungkyunkwan Scandal will be air in ABS-CBN..

  29. pearl says:

    the king 2 heart the best and heartstring,,,,try nu panoorin

  30. looking forward to watch shut up!flower boyband 🙂

  31. vane says:

    can’t wait for Love Rain to be aired in ABS-CBN.,and sana pati yung The King 2 Hearts with Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won.,BIG in good also., =)

  32. vane says:

    can’t wait for Love Rain to be aired in ABS-CBN.,and sana pati yung The King 2 Hearts with Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won.,BIG is good also., =)

  33. 神山東谷 says:

    this is a good drama, just want to request for the next streaming in abs-cbn teleserye or afternoon drama, thank you very much
    Ghost 2012 (korean drama)

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