The Director of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, Seong Un-Hwang, was the speaker in the third session of the Alternative Korean Learning Experience (AKLE) yesterday, Oct. 17 at the University of the Philippines Diliman. The director gave a timely talk on “Korea’s Tourism achievement” which focused on the various efforts that the Korean government has done to promote various aspects of its culture from traditional to contemporary.

Director Seong was the perfect choice to speak about the topic considering his leadership of the Korean Cultural Center in the country which not only provides classes on Korean language, the arts, music, dance, and sports but also spearheads activities that showcase other facets of Korean culture.

In the past years, Korean tourism efforts have become more aggressive as proven by its continuous growth through the Hallyu movement. Korean dramas and K-Pop music have been the primary weapons of Korea, attracting interest not just from Asia but from all over the world.

Thanks to Korea Beyond KPOP for the photo.


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