Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. has worked with the National Parks Development Committee for the restoration of the iconic Flower Clock in Rizal Park.

Designed by Joe Datuin, the restored Flower Clock now has the Hyundai logo on the its hands and has the Hyundai line “New Thinking. New Possibilities” engraved on stainless steel plate on the black granite marker. The whole face of the clock is made up entirely of plants and flowers – except for the hands that mark the time.

According to the Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. President and CEO Fe Perez-Agudo, this effort is part of Hyundai’s campaign for corporate social responsibility.

“Now, we also want to be a part of shaping Philippine history and in educating the Filipino to appreciate our national heritage. It’s part of Hyundai’s philosophy of ‘New Thinking New Possibilities’ to find innovative ways of serving this generation of Filipinos,” she explained.

The restored clock was unveiled last Independence Day in ceremonies that was graced by Korean Ambassador Lee Hye-Min and his wife Sin Mi-Kim.

I have fond memories of Rizal Park from my childhood so I’m glad that Hyundai is supporting its restoration project. The new generation may now be flocking to the malls but nothing beats a walk in the park if you ask me. It’s about time people saw the old glory of Rizal Park.

Thanks to for the photo.


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