Want to understand the K-Pop songs that you listen to? Or do you wish to be able to talk with your favorite Hallyu star?

The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines has announced through its recently launched website at http://phil.korean-culture.org, that it will be offering Korean language classes from July to September 2011. There will be two classes available: Basic Korean and Elementary Korean 1.

The Basic Korean Class will serve as an introduction to the Korean language. It will cover Hangul and will also introduce the class Korean culture. There will be 12 sessions from 9am to 12 am every Saturday for 3 months. The class materials fee is only P500.

The Elementary Korean Class 1 will be a more intensive course on the Korean language. After finishing this, the student can already be actually considered to be in the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) Level 1. Hence, it will be composed of 36 sessions every Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 3 months. There will be three class schedules available: 9:30 to 11:30 am, 2:00 to 4:00 pm, and 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Registration starts today until June 30. For more information on how to register, visit the Korean Cultural Website by clicking HERE.


Thanks to the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines for the photo.


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  1. Anna Briones says:

    is the registration still on going??

  2. joann says:

    im interested to learn how to cook and their languages.. when is the next term??? pls let me know!! !thank you very much!!!

  3. Jinky says:

    When is the next class for korean language lesson? thank you!

    • joon 준 says:

      Classes are currently on-going for the Korean Language Lessons. Unfortunately, enrollment for these classes are no longer available. You need to wait for the next term when the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines starts accepting enrollees again.

  4. im interested to learn their languages, when is the next term??? pls let me know!!! thank you very much!!!!

    • joon 준 says:

      The current term ends in September. However, there are no schedules as of now for when the next term will begin. Please watch out for more developments.

  5. Maria Kristine Gonzales says:

    When will be the start of registration for the next term?

    • joon 준 says:

      There are no official schedules for the next term yet. Kindly wait for further announcements from the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.

  6. jaquelyn Bumpus says:

    When will be the next term?I want to enroll.

  7. Jaquelyn Bumpus says:

    When will be the next term?I want to enroll.I’m just watching Jessica Soha recently when they features the Korea Cultural Center here.I’m interested to study in your korean language.Hope it will be soon to have the 2nd term.

    • joon 준 says:

      It’s cool that you saw the feature on the Korean Cultural Center in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. Please watch out for further announcements from the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines when the next term will be.

  8. 247277 says:

    i’m applying on next term on what month ? you started the next term ?? ^^

  9. chie bu chan says:


  10. pauline bernadhine m villagracia says:

    when is the start of ur next classes?

  11. Marianne says:

    No chance of an intermediate class opening soon? I studied Korean intensively for a year but now I am losing what I learned, it would be really good if the Center will open one. Thanks.

  12. Johnrick D. Agapito says:

    is there a cooking class? and when? i love korean food i want to enroll.. there tnxs hope you can help me.. dwayneanthony18@yahoo.com.ph

    • joon 준 says:

      Yes, there is a cooking class. Just wait for the announcement from the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines when enrollment for the next term begins.

  13. sharmaine says:

    i really really want to learn korean language since i was in highschool…. i hope i can enrol for the next term ….. & i hope there are other class schedule except 9:00 -12:00 am 😥

    • joon 준 says:

      If you read the post above, I mentioned there that there are also other class schedules for 2:00 to 4:00 pm and 6:00 to 8:00 pm. But these are only available on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday shift. ^^

      • sharmaine says:

        that’s really sad… coz’ i have classes from monday-friday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm… & 2 hrs. every saturday… but anyway thanks for replying…
        is the korean language class available only for this year?

  14. Maria Luz A. Albarico says:

    Am serving a vessel with Korean officers and they wanted a Cook with Korean cooking. Basic Korean language is also required. When can I enrol for the next term? . Are there Saturday classes

  15. Teresita G. Jose says:

    i’m interested in learning korean languages. can you email me the date of the next sem please?

    • joon 준 says:

      Sorry, I don’t do individual email replies to this blog’s readers. I do reply individually as much as I can to everyone through the comments. I’ll post about it once the official schedule has been released by the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. ^^

  16. May Morato says:

    Hi, Ms sons want to learn korean languages, i hope i can enrol my sons on saturday class.

  17. Kristine says:

    I want to enroll for elementary Korean 1 but the schedule doesnt fit mine. I hope there is also an elementary Korean 1 every Saturday. Thanks!

  18. Nerissa Pasion says:

    I understand the Korean language classes is nearly over. Me, my son and daughter are interested in learning the Korean language. Please keep me posted for the next term of classes especially the saturday classes.
    My sincere thanks.

  19. Margerette says:

    May i ask where is the exact location of the phil culture Center The Fort? and wat i s your contact number please…

  20. shiela says:

    i want to learn korean language.. my boyfriend is korean,i don’t understand him.. tha’t why i want to learn your language.. i’m so interested! =)

    • joon 준 says:

      Oh really? You should have enrolled then. Although I think there are also other schools like Ateneo and UP that offer Korean language classes. By the way, do you know Kring Elenzano? She has a korean boyfriend, too. His name is Jimmy. And I think they are such a perfect couple. Check out her blog at mykoreanboyfriend.com. I think you might be able to relate with her and learn a lot of things from her. ^^

  21. alecs says:

    Umm..can I visit KCC any time? just to catch a glimpse of what’s inside?? ^^

  22. ferdinand figueroa says:

    is there any korean class this december?

    • joon 준 says:

      The graduation of the current Korean classes is in December. Just stand by for further announcement from KCC. I’ll post it on this blog once there’s an official announcement from them. ^^

  23. Yoseob says:

    Is there a free class about the Korean Language? And how can I enroll to it?

  24. Pres says:

    The graduation for current Korean Classes is on Saturday!! yay!! I’m so excited to attend to it for the second time! Currently I am a student of KCC taking Basic Language and Taekwondo.

    Still no announcements for the 3rd term.:-( Hope that KCC can expand their classes so that they can accommodate more students, especially the Language class.

  25. Yoseob says:

    Is there another KCC near Mandaluyong other than Taguig?

  26. talya says:

    When the next term .I’m looking for friend to practice my korean language I’m from israel can anyone help me? Thanks

  27. talya says:


    • joon 준 says:

      Sorry, I just read your question now. You can get a Korean dictionary from National Bookstore. But don’t go for the cheap thin ones. Go for the one that’s worth around P1,000. I forgot the title but there is a couple of good ones that you can use. But like I said to Pres below:

      Korean is a “conjugating” language, meaning that the “root words” in the dictionary are usually joined by various honorifics and markers to use them in a sentence. So you need to know some Basic Korean in order to really make use of a Korean dictionary. ^^

  28. Pres says:

    Yes…and I am also looking for a Korean Dictionary. Can you recommend me where can I buy a Korean Dictionary? I’m starting to build up my vocabulary in Hangul. Thanks!!

  29. joon 준 says:

    You can easily get one from National Bookstore. Just a word of caution though. Korean is a “conjugating” language, meaning that the “root words” in the dictionary are usually joined by various honorifics and markers to use them in a sentence. So you need to know some Basic Korean in order to really make use of a Korean dictionary. ^^

  30. jeni says:

    i want to enroll in here, when will be the next term? hehe 🙂

  31. jeni says:

    can you pls update me about d next term? my email is jeni.verano@yahoo.com
    thank you :))

    • joon 준 says:

      Somebody made a similar request before but I’m sorry – I do not do individual updates. I always post about the KCC activities including its various classes so I suggest you just keep visiting the blog. I just don’t have enough time to give everybody individual updates regarding this. I hope you understand. Thanks! (^_^);;

    • Pres says:

      Ms Jeni, KCC’s next term will start on June. You can check them in Facebook, Twitter and their website http://phil.korean-culture.org for updates. Anyway, they are also offering special culture classes that might get you interested to attend.

  32. Pres says:

    Trying to help here. KCC offers a summer class for Basic languge class. Check out this link.


    Hope this can help. Thanks!!!

  33. טליה says:

    היי ג’ון
    답변 주셔서 감사합니다
    나는 한국이 많이 나는 한국 사랑 너무 재미 배우고 관리
    나는 예루살렘 한국 교사들은 다른 이동도 가르쳐 만나러 가는거야
    당신이 날 위해 어떤 권고 사항이있다면 난 정말 흥분 해요
    안녕히 주무세요

  34. talya says:

    Which way do you recommend to learn the language in the most catchy and easy? And did I ever see a movie with no subtitles?
    Thank you!

    • joon 준 says:

      The best way to learn Korean is to live in Korea for a while. It forces you to practice the language everyday. There are Korean movies without subtitles even online. You just need to be patient in looking for them~ (^_^);;

  35. talya says:

    너무 고맙습니다
    i tried to see movies without subtitles but it is hard coz’ they speak very fast , but i understand them when they speak a little bit slow
    i wish myself to be in korea, i need a least 1 month a vocation from work otherwise i will get fired, but i hope i will be soon
    how do you know so good the 한글 ? you are philipino right?

    • joon 준 says:

      천만에요. 당신은 한국말을 몰아서 한국 영화를 보고시지 못 해요. 그레서 당신이 열심히 공부해야 해요. ^^

      I have other advice for you. Just watch the movie first with subtitles. Then watch it without subtitles. That way, you know what the story already is about. And you can somehow understand it when you try watching it withought the subtitles. It is like practice.

  36. vebz says:

    hi….just like to know …when will be the next term for korean language….
    please let me know if there will be another possible schedule…..and is it for free? or how much would it cost me?

  37. diolz says:

    hello may i ask if the classes is still on going ? i would like to inquire

  38. Pres says:

    another term will start @ Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines….

  39. Pres says:

    watch out for next year’s term of KCC Language Class!!

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