안녕하세요! 만나서 반갑습니다! Hello~! ^^

This blog serves as  a way to share Korean Entertainment and Culture in the Philippines~from music, dramas, movies, to fashion, and even food.

I enjoy having conversations with others so your comments and opinions are always welcome and appreciated. If you think I missed posting about something Korean that should be in the blog, feel free to point it out. Thanks!



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  1. izzs says:

    Thank you for posting about 2am

  2. izzs says:

    hi! thank you for posting about 2am’s tour here in Philippines.

  3. Jaypee says:

    It’s good to be back.. 😆 No more k-dramas update?

  4. V says:

    Just wanted to say you have a great site with a lot of good info. I recently started watching K-Drama and am hooked. I especially like that it is not full of sex scenes that we do not necessarily need in every film or story we watch. I think it is much sweeter the way K-Drama’s do their scenes. It can actually be enjoyed for the story line and the people who play the parts in them. Glad I found K-Drama! Thanks for taking the time to enlighten so many of us. It is appreciated! Have a great day- night!

  5. 안녕! What a grest blog you’ve got here. I hope you continue to make great posts and I also hope to see more about the korean culture since I’m one interested little kid about the kpop culture and the korean culture itself.:)

  6. gmei says:

    Anneonghaseyo! ^o^ Like your page, a web place for Korean fans in Pinas. Thanks for infos, really enjoys browsing here. 🙂 Never had a chance to watch in Korean Film Festival, though we already watched some of the movies included on the filmfest. My sister go gaga and enrolled in KCC korean language class and taekwondo in the middle of typhoon Pedring. Haisst~! For your informative posts, kamsahamnida! Keep up the good work. I’m a regular visitor here, everyday I make sure to open your page. 🙂

    • joon 준 says:

      아 그래? 진짜야? 감사합니다! Thank you for visiting regularly. I’m happy to share about Korean culture through this blog and I’m glad to have readers like you. Please keep supporting my blog. I’ll continue providing information and posts that showcase the best of Korea in the Philippines. ^^

  7. miss1kpopfan says:

    wow! just glad i found this blog. keep blogging! ^^

  8. insong says:

    안 녕하십니가 !! Happy iFound this blog. It really helps me know about korean culture and halyu..can you teach us korean? 감 삼 합 니가 ..

    • joon 준 says:

      네, 안녕하십니까?! This is the right spelling of hello. ^^

      I’m happy you found my blog, as well. I don’t think I would be a good teacher for Korean language. I can teach you some Korean but you won’t really learn well if you don’t get into a program (like in the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines or in TalktomeinKorean.com) I’ll consider making some posts abut the Korean language but in general I think it’s better if you visit TalktomeinKorean.com if you really want to learn.

      And you spell thank you as “감사합니다!”


    • joon 준 says:

      Oh and just wondering~~~is your “insong” nickname from 조인성 (Jo In-Seong)? ^^

  9. Josh says:

    Are you studying in Ateneo?

  10. yesha marie says:

    Hi I love your posts here, they are very entertaining and informative. I just hope you could put up an article about Jang Geun Suk, I like him so much, soooo cute and very talented. Hope you will grant my request. Kamsahamnida!

    • joon 준 says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you think my blog is entertaining and informative! I’ve featured Jang Geun Seuk before in a couple of posts in the past. If ever he does something new that reaches the Philippines, I’ll surely be blogging about it! Promise. ^^

  11. Hey joonshi~ About Andrew of Tony & Jackey Makati. He just left early this year. Anyway Rey did my hair nice, he’s courteous too.

    • joon 준 says:

      Oh really?! I didn’t know! I was busy with my work and studies so I wasn’t able to visit Tony & Jackey in a while. Aigoo!!! Thank you for informing me. ^^

  12. 엘레인 says:

    안녕하세요 준 씨! 저는 엘레인라고 하는데 유피 아리랑 멤버 입니다.
    준 씨는 블로그로 항상 열심히 써야해요!

    i accidentally came upon this blog. and i noticed that you always promote our activities~ 그 것 때문에 많이 고마워요~! 앞으로 계숙해야 썼으면 좋겠다. ㅋ ㅋ

    more power to your blog! 😀

    • joon 준 says:

      네, 안녕하십니까 에레인씨! 반갑습니다. 필리핀 대학교 아리랑 멤버입니까? 아…좋은군요!!!

      그래~~~당신은 시간이 있으면 내 블로그를 보십시오. 감사합니다. ^^

  13. talya says:

    안녕하세요 잘 지내 시죠?
    정말 블로그에 액세스 즐길 많은 것처럼 나 또한 여기에 가서 정말 이스라엘을 즐기고, 필리핀에 취하 기대
    모든 주셔서 감사합니다.

    • joon 준 says:

      네, 안녕해세요! 재 블로그를 읽고 있어서 갑사합니다. 한국말을 공부하고 싶죠? 그레서 talktomeinkorean.com 보야 하네요!

  14. talya says:

    네,매일 한국말 공부해 ,도와 주세요.

    나는 네가 부럽구나, 나 도 싶어

  15. nice blog! keep us posted and informed 🙂 kamsahamnida 🙂

  16. aRVee says:

    Hey Joon, your fellow Koreans must be very happy once they stumbled upon your blog. Looks like you have covered a lot of anything Korean here in the Philippines..

    There are a lot of Koreans here in Cebu, not sure if you have made a post on Korean restaurants here… Keep blogging 2012! 🙂

    • joon 준 says:

      My blog isn’t really for Koreans but for Filipinos who love Korea. That’s why it is primarily in English~ ㅋㅋㅋ

      I actually haven’t been to Cebu yet~~~I’ve only been to Boracay. I was supposed to go to Cebu last summer but work did not make it happen. I have a lot of friends who say that Cebu is a very nice and friendly place and that even some Filipinos in the market already know Korean! Next time, I promise to go with my parents and I will blog about it. Thank you for the support ^^

      • aRVee says:

        You’re welcome and thanks for the clarification. Yeah, there are several Korean restaurants here and quite many Koreans as well. They must have enjoyed Cebu.

        Looking forward to your blog about Cebu then. 🙂

  17. annyeong haseyo ..lately i’m addicted to kdramas..and im should say i’m going crazy..im fascinated about places,food,korean word, and other things about korea..because of that i wanna learn how to speak, read and write korean..keep on updating..gomawo ❤

  18. frances avelino says:

    I’m looking for star dust k-drama. can you linked me to a website having it, with complete episodes? thank you so much! (^_^)v

  19. A says:

    Are you actually Korean from Korea? Born and raised?

  20. Lie to me is really great…when is the part 2…

    • ubesa says:

      Ahaha, I agree with you on that! 🙂 ♥ But I dont think the ending suits the drama at all. 😦 Must have been their wedding kasi from the start pa lang they’ve been lying about their so-called marriage na eh kaya nakakabitin sya. </3

  21. ubesa says:

    Wow!! I really love your blog. ♥ I find it really hard to understand Korean culture alone just by depending through the internet and watching Kdramas. You’re such a big help! 🙂 I am looking forward for more posts plus about Lee Min Ho’s Bench tour here in the Philippines–according to rumors. I am hoping that you wouldn’t get tired of introducing your culture to us. 🙂 Salamat, kapatid!

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