After skipping work due to a bad sunburn yesterday, I managed to catch the pilot episode of “Don’t Cry My Love” on TV5. This new K-Drama which airs every Monday to Friday at 11:45am stars the dashing Lee Jung-Jin (the other guy from Love Story in Harvard) as Jared Han and the pretty charming Lee Yu-ri as Elaine Jo.

The pilot episode was a bit boring if you ask me. It did the usual introduction of the main characters in a very usual way. Jared (Lee Jung-Jin) is presented as an ambitious and intelligent young doctor who is about to get married to the rich daughter of the University President. He is shown as somebody who has developed a strict and stern personality because of how he has worked hard to achieve everything in his life.

Meanwhile, Elaine (Lee Yu-Ri) is presented as the complete opposite of Jared’s character. Although they both come from a struggling middle-class family, she is shown as having a more rosy-colored and fun disposition on life. This is best seen towards her frivolous attitude towards work (or the lack of it). She wants to have a job really badly but doesn’t seem to be taking it as seriously as she should.

Their two worlds (and personalities) literally collide by the end of the pilot episode. I must say that there are very interesting twists in the horizon – and it can be seen in some of the relationships that have been introduced in the first episode. I’ll do a more extensive character introduction once I get all the details (especially the English names used in the Filipino-dubbed version airing on TV5).

Word of warning though, this K-Drama seems to have a potential to be really addictive. It features two characters who are not the usual poor girl/guy meets rich girl/guy. They both aspire for a better life but have a different way of reaching for this dream. This makes their fates really interesting for me. So beware, it has 132 episodes and you might find yourself really hooked. When a K-Drama reaches 100+ episodes, you know that there is definitely going to be something addicting to it.

Thanks to adobonation2009 for the video. >:)


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  1. Sese says:

    Anu po ung Song ng Dont Cry my Love … Lyrics: Sabihin mo lng sakin d ako…

  2. carlos says:

    d ko din lam eh ..

  3. jonas says:

    sino ba kumanta???

  4. alexis says:

    ou nga po anu title ng kantang un .. lyrics : sabihin mu lng sakn na akoy hindi bigo ..

    • joon25 says:

      It’s this song:

      from the Love Parade Album
      by True Faith

      Kay dilim ng gabi
      Hinahanap ko ang kaibigan ko
      Siya lamang ang may alam
      Kung papaano mapapawi ang lungkot ko

      Malayo ka man
      Pag-ibig mo’y ramdam na ramdam ooh-ooh
      Tinig mo ay parang boses ng anghel
      Kumakanta sa kalangitan

      *Sabihin mo lang sa akin na ako’y hindi bigo
      Pag ika’y naririnig lumiliwanag ang aking mundo
      Sabihin mo lang sa aking ‘di ako nag iisa
      Sa iyo lamang nakikita ang tunay na Pag-Asa

      Nakakabingi ang tahimik ng paligid ooh-ooh
      Nangungulila oh para sa iyo
      Nag aantay ng tawag mo

      Wala na ngang gagaling pa
      Pag-ibig mo’y gamot sa dusa!

      Dumarating ang unos ang delubyo’y ‘di maiwasan
      Basta ika’y nandiyan pa rin
      Buong tapang ang pagsubok haharapin!


  5. bhabez says:

    bat wlng tugtug n2 s youtube tska videokeman!! bad3p n yan!!

  6. Nina says:

    kelan po nagsimula ung don’t cry my love and sa anung website ko po pwedeng mapanuod ung complete episodes nyan..

    ung pinapalabas sa tv5?.

    • joon says:

      It actually started airing last May 31. I don’t know of any online streaming sites that show the complete Tagalog dubbed episodes right now (since it isn’t finished airing yet).

      The good news is you can actually watch the complete episodes in the original Korean with English subtitles on viiki.

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