Maui Taylor, a Filipino actress, is part of the movie “The Taste of Money” 돈의 맛. This much-awaited film by acclaimed Korean director, Im Sang-Soo, is competing for the Palm d’ Or Prize in the 16th Cannes Film Festival from May 16 to 27.

The movie focuses on the evils of a chaebol family from greed, lust, and avarice. It follows the story from the perspective of Joo Young-Jak (played by Kim Kang-Woo), the secretary of the family who becomes intertwined with the intricate problems and complex personalities within the wealthy family.

The family is headed by President Yoon (played by Baek Yoon-Sik) who is secretly having illicit relations with the Filipino housemaid Eva hired from Cebu (played by Maui Taylor). Because of this, the family matriarch Baek Geum-Ok (played by Yoon Yeo-Jeong) takes a fancy for Joo who is more than willing to give in to her desires. However, things become complicated when he meets Baek’s daughter Nami (played by Kim Hyo-Jin). Unlike her materialistic parents, she seems more gounded and this attracts Joo.

Expect nothing but gripping suspense in this erotic thriller, which is the signature style of the director. In terms of feel, this movie is quite similar to Director Im Sang-Soo’s Cannes Film “Housemaid” which was the Best Film in the 2010 Cinemanila International Film Festival. He has even described it as a sequel of sorts since it somehow explores characters reminiscent of those in his last masterpiece.

This is such a break for Maui Taylor as it is her first Korean movie. She was selected after a thorough internet search for a Filipino actress who could fit the role perfectly from an initial list of 100 Filipina actresses. When it was finally down to Maui Taylor and another Filipino actress, she won the director over with her movie, “Ang Huling Birhen sa Lupa”. With several erotic roles in the Philippines, her experience definitely fits the requirements of her character. During the time she accepted the movie project, she still had no idea that it was bound for Cannes. It was more of a personal desire for a change in environment since she was having personal problems.

The actress will be flying to France for the festival as this will also be her debut in the international film festival circuit. As early as now, she even announced that Filipino designer Veejay Floresca will be doing her gown for the Cannes red carpet.

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  1. JV Sagles says:

    I’m quite surprised that you know Maui. She became famous way back 7 to 10 years ago. Or should I say “good research”? This leaves me dubious of how much do you know the culture of the PH. That’s why I love your blog sir…

  2. emayey says:

    nice … hope the movie and maui will bring home the bacon.

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