The Korean movies “Speedy Scandal” and “Hwang Jin-yi” will be part of the featured films in the “Asia As Our Society Film Festival”  from May 17 to 21 at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Hosted by the Asia Society Philippine Foundation, Inc., this festival will  showcase the best of contemporary and traditional Asian culture through dynamic masterpieces from all over the region. All screenings are free but will be on a first-come, first-seated basis.

These selected Korean movies will join an impressive reel that includes “Dinig Sana Kita” and “Halaw” from the Philippines; “3 Doa 3 Cinta”, “Laskar Pelangi”, and “Jakarta Maghrib” from Indonesia; “The Guava House” and “Nostalgia for Countryland” from Vietnam; “Only Love” from Lao DPR; “Forever Enthralled”, “The Founding of a Republic”, and “Glittering Day” from China; “Agni Dahaya” and “Deewari” from Sri Lanka; and “Wanko” and “Eclair” from Japan.

For those wanting to know my thoughts about the featured Korean movies, you can check out my old post about “Speedy Sandal” HERE and my old post about “Hwang Jin-Yi” HERE.


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  1. Thanks for this! Your blog is very informative. I love it. I hope it’s okay that I’m linking your website in You’re properly credited btw. =)

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