I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Korean movie Sector 7 will be shown in selected Philippine theatres starting tomorrow, April 18. This movie stars Ha Ji-Won of Secret Garden fame as Cha Hae-Joon, the marine equipment manager of an oil prospecting ship called Eclipse. Her father used to be the captain of the ship so she feels that she has a lot to prove.

Incidentally, a colleague of Hae-Joon’s father joins the Eclipse. He is Ahn Jung-Man, as played by Ahn Sung-Ki. He is supposed to lead the ship back but decides on the last minute to do one more oil prospecting drilling mission. However, the mission fails and he sinks to the bottom of the sea after an equipment failure. Soon after this, a transparent underwater creature starts terrorizing and devouring the crew members.

With this, Hae-Joon must now lead her mates in order to survive.

This isn’t exactly my kind of movie, Korean or otherwise. I think it’s mindless viewing that is best enjoyed if you just want to zone out, relax, and not think too much. But if you enjoy American movies like Jaws, Anaconda, Lake Placid, Deep Blue, and other monster flicks – this would definitely entertain you. Plus, it would be nice to see Ha Ji-Won as a kick-ass character like Gil Ra Im again.

Thanks to for the video.


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  1. hanhyojoo12 says:

    hanggang kailan po ung showing nung sector 7 ?

  2. hanhyojoo12 says:

    Hanggang kelan po ung showing ng sector 7 sa pilipinas?

    • joon 준 says:

      I think it is no longer showing in Metro Manila but is still showing in SM City Lucena. Sorry for the late reply. That is the closest theater I could find for you.

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