My friends and I had a dinner reunion last Thursday in Dongwon Garden Korean Restaurant at the corner of Jupiter St. and Polaris St. Well, I was incredibly late because I came from a meeting with Japanese clients but they didn’t seem to mind because it was a great dining place.

Dongwon is a fantastic restaurant if you want to get a taste of Korean cuisine. Aside from the regular table seating in most Korean restaurants in the Philippines, Dongwon also has function rooms that would be great for lunch with Korean clients. My friends were seated in the traditional room wherein you removed your shoes and sat down on the floor.

Expect to spend from P500 to P1000 if you’re dining alone or with a friend but I would suggest you come with more friends to get the most of the menu that has all the standard Korean fare including soju, of course!

If you want to reserve a table in advance, try calling 898-3558. Although, I have a feeling that they would normally only be packed during lunch time and Fridays.


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  1. JV Sagles says:

    Wow that’s yummy! I’m a bit curious… what’s that bottle?

  2. cathy says:

    been there! and the food is great!

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