I’d like to share this blog that I found at lanieinkorea.com. This blog belongs to a Filipina woman named Lanie who married a Korean man named Andy. Because they are both based in Korea, Lanie posts a lot of YouTube videos featuring the sights of Korea. What I love about her posts is that they still have that touristy feel of someone discovering Korea for the first time. With her somewhat weird selection of background music, the videos have this sense of light fun. And Lanie never takes herself or her posts too seriously.

She also gives some tips and advice on traveling and moving around in Korea so this is quite a nice resource for those who will visit the country for the first time or who are looking for new adventures to try. Visit Lanie in Korea at lanieinkorea.com

Thanks to  for the video.

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Hi! 안녕! ^^

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  1. 라니 says:

    Hi Joon! OMG.. Thank you for this. More power to your blog! May God bless you and your family always. 항상 건강하고 행복하세요~ ^_^

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