The 7-month long series on Korea by the Alternative Korean Learning Experience completed its closing lecture last March 19 at the University of the Philippines. Its final speaker was Jang Jae-Jung, the Chief Executive Officer of the Uni Group Inc.

Jang shared insightful stories about the Sorok Uni Foundation (SUFI), a non-profit organization that has been providing resettlement opportunities to the impoverished cured leprosy patients and their families. The organization currently maintains 3 facilities in the Philippines: Sorok Samarai Village, Caloocan City, Manila; Sorok Uni Village, SanAntonio, Quezon Province; and Sorok MCS Village, Pasobolong Zamboanga City. Jang highlighted how Korean organizations like SUFI have been helping the Philippines with the aim of transforming it from a receiver of aid to a giver of aid. He emphasized how it is important for Korean companies operating in the country to give back to the Philippines since they earn their money here and have their families living here.

The talk was quite inspiring and timely considering how recent diplomatic developments have identified the Philippines as a key choice for Korea to invest and support in. It also showed how Korean companies, organizations, and people have also been making a conscious effort to give back to the Philippines.

Thanks to Korea Beyond KPOP for the photo.



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