The Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines will be launching the Philippine-Korea Visual Arts Exchange exhibit on March 16. This special showcase that will  run from March 16 to May 31 will feature interpretations of the season from the perspective of both Korean and Filipino artists. Its theme, “Spring: Season of New Meetings”, couldn’t be more appropriate as the 40-piece collection dramatizes a meeting of both Korean and Filipino creativity.

Among the works on display are masterpieces of noted Korean contemporary artists from the  International Contemporary Art Exchange Meeting including Kang Nam-Gu, Joo Jae-Hyeon, Jung Sang-Sub, and Na Myung-Kyu. The public will also be treated to a visual spectacle from the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art with paintings from Kim Jung-Soo, Kong Sung-Hun, Lee Kang-So, Lee Soung-Soo, and Yi Han. Works from a couple of Korean artists living in the Philippines such as Kang Seung-Joo and Jang Hyesook are also in the exhibit.

Piece de resistance from Philippine artists like Roger Santos,  Menchu Arandilla, Augusto Santiago, Ruth Santiago, Miguel Buhay, Elaine Herbosa, Jacquelin Lhuillier Hess, Elizabeth Garrovillo, Connie Quirino, Ditas Belmonte-Dominguez, and Raul Bendit will also give a Filipino touch to the cross-cultural creative showcase.

Thanks to the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines for the photos.




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