I know I’ve posted a couple of times already about the Philippine vacation of Hyunwoo Sun and Mikyung Cho from TalktomeinKorean.com. But it being a weekend and all, I wanted everyone to see the videos made by the lovely couple during their stay in the country. There’s just so much that pictures or words alone cannot capture. To my Korean friends, isn’t it about time you visited the Philippines? And to my Filipino friends, you have such a beautiful country – why not enjoy everything it has to offer?

The trip was in celebration of the 60th birthday of Hyunwoo’s father. It was also a chance to escape from the cold weather of Seoul. The couple had a vacation in the white powdery beaches of Boracay with Hyunwoo’s parents and sisters.

Among the fun things they tried in the island was getting Mikyung’s hair cornrowed. For only around US$3.5, Mikyung had an instant makeover from one of the hair stylists on the beach.

Their last night in the Philippines was spent in the Best Western Spa Suites in Makati. The pool in the 31st floor offered them a beautiful view of the city’s bright lights.


Thanks to  for the videos.


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