Around 40 friends came to meet Hyunwoo Sun and Mikyung Cho during their Meet & Greet gathering at CBD Restaurant in Ayala Triangle today. The lovable teachers from were treated like Hallyu stars as everyone had their photos taken with them and even asked for autographs from them. Gifts were also gives to the couple. Hyunwoo and Mikyung also treated all the attendees to dinner and gave them bittersweet Korean dark chocolate as a present for coming to meet them. Hyunwoo Sun’s parents and two sisters were also there to witness the love for the Hyunwoo and Mikyung as some of the attendees even had their photos taken with the family.

The couple had spent a beautiful couple of days in Boracay before visiting Manila for the Meet & Greet. This was to celebrate the 6oth birthday of Hyunwoo Sun’s father. Below are some of their wonderful pictures from ther vacation here in the Philippines.

They truly had a lovely time in the Philippines! As the current Philippine tourism campaign goes: Vacations. More fun in the Philippines.

Thanks to Hyunwoo Sun for the photos.


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