The Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines will be having a special Valentine’s Day screening of the Korean movie, “Heaven’s Postman”, on Valentine’s Day. This will be held at 6pm of February 14 at the Korean Wave Hall in KCC. Unfortunately, registration for this event has already closed as the interest in the movie was quite high.

Starring JYJ member Hero Jaejoong and “Shining Inheritance” star Han Hyo-Joo, this is a melodramatic movie about Shin Jae-Joon (played by Hero Jaejoong) a CEO who suddenly lands into a coma because of a freak accident. After this, he becomes Heaven’s postman, an invisible mystical guy who has the ability to travel between the realm of the living and the dead to deliver letters from the grieving loved ones of the departed. One day, he meets Jo Hana (played by Han Hyo-Joo) as she is about to send a letter to her dead boyfriend. Strange enough, she is able to see Jae-Joon — starting an unlikely friendship that gradually blossoms into romance.

Thanks to the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines for the photo and to  for the video.



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