The improving relations between the Philippines and Korea, indeed.

A media frenzy of sorts erupted after both the President of the Republic of the Philippines Benigno Aquino and Korean national Grace Lee, made separate confirmations that they were indeed dating.

Grace Lee, who has a Korean name of Lee Kyung-Hee, is a popular host and radio disc jockey in the Philippines. She has been in the Philippines since the age of 10 because of her dad’s business in the country. Since then, she has truly grown up in the Philippine culture as evidenced by her fluency in the Filipino language (I heard Grace Lee host the Block B interview last year and I tell you, her Korean has a weird Filipino accent!). She even graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a Communications degree.

Since then, Grace Lee has made it big in the Philippine entertainment industry. Her first hosting gig was the TV show, “The Sweet Life” on defunct QTV11. She is also one of the disc jockeys on the infamous radio show “Good Times with Mo”. Aside from these, her hosting jobs include “Eateria”, “Diz Iz It”, “Balitanghali”, and “24 Oras Weekend Edition” — all under GMA7.

Major dailies have even claimed that this could be the start of a real life Korean Drama for Grace Lee. The Philippine President’s love life has been highly scrutinized after several break-ups with Filipinas like Valenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad, stylist Liz Uy, stock broker Len Lopez, and teacher Bunny Calica.

This will definitely be a challenge for Grace Lee since many are interested in the President’s life, especially his high-profile celebrity sister Kris Aquino (who has a knack for thumbing down people). What could be a dream, could also turn into a publicity nightmare. But for me, what could be a major issue in their relationship is the huge difference in their age. Grace Lee is just 29 while the Philippine President is 51. Does she call him 오빠 (oppa) or 아저씨 (ajjeoshi)?


Thanks to Grace Lee for the photo.


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  1. derdo says:

    Your last question is so cute. How indeed ?

    • joon 준 says:


      I thought hard about it and considered the honorifics and all (He is the Philippine President and is really older so is really senior than her.)

      She will call him: 오빠님! (Oppanim)

      Still with the usual 애교 (Aegyo) voice that guys cannot resist – but with enough respect in the form.


  2. grillqueen says:

    woah.. if you’re the president, anything is possible indeed.. haha jk I had no idea about this if not for your post..haha thanks!

  3. kamel willaims says:

    President Aquino can not be in any woman relatioship because he knows he is not fit for any woman. He loves her mother very much and he was looking like her mother that will replace his mother . He is the man who thinks for his career and position not other man who are in the playboy style . He can get married when he finished his presidency or else he will be meeting somebody in his life who is spiritually and has the DNA of magic.

  4. aRVee says:

    very interesting story, just learned it from you first hand, today. thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Jenny Reyes says:

    kkk, I am an online English teacher to Koreans and my senior students were asking about the story last night, too. They want to know if it is really true. There were diferent opinions on the matter, some says it’s ok but some are rather shocked by the wide age gap. Pnoy has taken the Korean’s interest 😉

  6. itin says:

    Hi. I’m Filipino. What do oppa and ajjeoshi mean?

    • joon 준 says:


      아저씨 (ajjeoshi) is a Korean word that refers to older men aged 30 and above. It is supposed to be respectful but can also have a negative meaning if you use it to call someone who acts or looks older than their actual young age.

      Meanwhile, 오빠 (oppa) is a Korean word used by girls to call their older brother. It is similar to Filipino “kuya” but is only used by girls. The second meaning of oppa is that for a boyfriend or lover. Korean girls call their boyfriends “oppa”. This can also be used for a boy that you just like.

      Hope this helps you understand it.~

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