While browsing through the United Football League, I came across Stallion Gilligan’s FC – a Philippine football club composed of primarily of former national players and Korean students from the Central Philippine University in Iloilo City. The Stallions are currently playing in the First Division of the United Football League. Do take note that the UFL is the Philippine’s semi-professional football league, where some of the country’s top football stars are also playing.

Ironically enough, the Stallions are apparently considered by many to be the dark horse in the division. This team has beaten even the defending champions Air Force Phoenix. The solid line-up of the Stallions includes several Koreans like midfielder Lee Joo-Young, defender Nam Yeul-Woo, midfielder Park Bo-Bae, defendeer Pi-Young-Jae, midfielder Yoo Young-Jin, and forward Yoon Byeong-Jun. Previous Korean players of the team included Kim Jae-Woo, Kim Nam-Young, and Cha Kyung-Su. Associate Head Coach Eun Hyung-Pee is also in its roster of club officials.

What I love about the Stallions is that they represent in a way, the good relationship between Koreans and Filipinos. It’s incredible how football has brought together two nationalities in one team. Their great performance can be credited mainly to their amazing teamwork. Keep it up everyone! Fighting! I am now officially your fanboy! Hope to catch one of your games soon~the finals preferably!  (^_^)v

Thanks to STALLION FC for the photos.

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  1. thirteenlets says:

    stumbled upon your post while searching Stallion FC related post, I’m a recently converted football fan and the first live UFL match I saw was them vs the sparks and their game play literally blew me away. Hoping to see this team beat out the competition and rise to the top 🙂

    • joon 준 says:

      Ooooh great!!! You watched them live!!! They need support from more fans. They are a good team although they have had several key losses recently~~~hope they do better as the tournament continues ^^

      • thirteenlets says:

        yup 🙂 jotted down their game schedules on my planner, good thing games are on the weekend 🙂 Really hoping they’d do good, cause they’re up against really good teams 🙂

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