Meet Spider Boom, one of the stuffed toys of my boss.

Spider Boom is a hand-made cuddly plushy doll from the Korean Uglydoll brand co-created by Kim Sun-Min and David Horvath. She is described as the “spider of all spiders” because of her uncanny ability to get pregnant by simply eating cake! What’s even more fun about her back story is that the baby spider that is born out of her eating a cake gets the characteristics of that specific cake. Cake with Sprinkles? Sprinkled Boom Baby! Chocopie Cake? Choco Boom Baby! The Spider Boom design is actually Kim Sun-Min’s first solo project for the Uglydoll brand.

Uglydoll was born out of the long-distance relationship that Kim Sun-Min and David Horvath had when she moved back to Korea. David would always sign off his love letters to Sun-Min with a cute character called Wage. One day, Sun-Min made a doll of Wage and sent it back to David as a surprise. When David showed the doll to his friend Eric Nakamura who owned Giant Robot magazine and store, he instantly ordered several for his store. This became the start of a brand that would eventually be recognized with the “Specialty Toy of the Year” award by the Toy Industry of America. Since then, dolls like Spider Boom have spawned more  books, keychains, clocks, clothing, blankets, stationery, tin toys, action figures, and of course, dolls.

This is definitely a cute Korean gift but it’s a bit hard to find these toys in ordinary toy stores. You can get Spider Boom and other Uglydolls though at Shop Familia Makati, Ground Floor La O’ Centre Building 1000 Arnaiz Ave. cor. Makati Ave., San Lorenzo Village, Makati City 1223.


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