Please support Icheon FC in the Rio Cup as they go against the Azkals at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum tomorrow at 7pm. This Korean soccer club is a member of the K3 League (Challengers League), an amateur league that is at the third tier level in Korea.  In fact, the team was the top team out of 18 teams that battled it out in the K3 for 2011. The K3 is actually a direct source of football talent for the professional league so this achievement is nothing to be belittled.

Led by Team Captain and Most Valuable Player Joo Won-Moon, the Icheon FC is definitely going to give the Azkals a schooling in football. With star players Ji Hoon-Yang and Jae Young-Jin, the team will enable the Philippine team to broaden their football experience.

I’m quite excited about tomorrow although I’m not yet completely sure I can make it on time since I will be working. In any case, I’ll just sing along  to what I consider one of the best theme songs in Korean football history – Victory Korea!!!

Thanks to the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines for the photo and to  for the video.


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