Got my copy of the album  “Exciting” earlier signed by the ZE:A members at Market Market. 700 lucky fans, including this fanboy, managed to get ZE:A to sign their albums and meet them face-to-face (With quick “안녕하세요!”, “만나서 반갑습니다!” and “감사합니다” amidst the “빨리 빨리” from the ushers).

This was quite a hectic day for me as I had to fit in watching “Sherlock Holmes”, shopping for clothes, and of course, attending the ZE:A Mall Tour. Thank you to the lovely girl who took care of my messenger bag and shopping bags during the album signing.

It was quite a fun-filled event as ZE:A performed 3 songs (well, technically just two but more on that later) with interviews in between. I couldn’t hear much of the interview from the deafening screams of about 700 fans who packed the venue. But from what little I heard, I have to admit that Kring Elenzano was such a fantastic host for this event. ❤ her as always. She had so much rapport with ZE:A and managed to showcase a lot of their individual personalities.

Dongjun was perhaps my favorite among all the members of ZE:A. He was very funny and even obliged the request to do a somersault exhibition not once but twice! Of course, after which, he teased the fans by baring his abs and doing a brief sexy dance – making the crowd go wild.

So it was quite unfortunate that the event today was plagued with technical difficulties. ZE:A had to repeat their second song after the music just disappeared in the middle of their performance. But worse was when the music totally gave out on  their last supposed-to-be finale song. The ZE:A members, the host, and the organizers kept on apologizing about this but part of me was still quite disappointed.

But there is something great that came about because of this. ZE:A’s professionalism came through as they regaled the crowd with impromptu banter. They were waiting for technicians backstage to fix the problem so they even gave the crowd a brief a cappella performance. When the music came back for a couple of seconds, before dying out again, they finally had to give up on it because of “technical difficulties”.

I’m not really a fan of ZE:A. You all know that I support everything Korean even if I’m not really into some of them. But I have to admit that after watching ZE:A today, I was impressed. They may be a young upstart group but they are truly professionals. One of the signs of a true pro is the ability to deal with unforeseen circumstances. And in this case, ZE:A didn’t just make the grade for me, they passed with flying colors. Time to send a PM to my friends still suffering in the freezing Korean weather to buy me ZE:A’s discography.


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  1. anebermudez says:

    Waah, you are so lucky! ^^

    • joon 준 says:

      Not really. I just happened to be in the Philippines. Korean artists love to promote their albums and do concerts here. There’s already a Park Jung-Min (from SS501) fan meet in February scheduled. And if the rumors are true, both 2PM and SHINee may also visit this year. ^^

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