Koreans celebrating New Year. More fun in the Philippines.

Thanks to  for the video.


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  1. 디오나 says:

    looks so fun but not really at all!
    hope these girls are with their trusted friends that time,.
    they might not know what danger or bad thing awaits them,.
    have seen two drunk Korean girls dancing crazily at a disco club few years ago in Pasay when all of a sudden two Philippine guys danced with them and seconds after those guys are dragging them out of the place,.
    i dont think those guys are their boyfriends.
    wanted to stop them but im just alone that time,.
    hope Korean girls/all girls will not get drunk as much as they can handle their selves,.
    too dangerous most specially to foreign girls,..
    so careful,careful!^^

  2. joon 준 says:

    Don’t worry. Korean girls can handle their alcohol. Koreans have a “drinking culture” and it’s normal to see passed out Koreans (even girls) in the streets after a heavy night of partying. Plus I believe that Filipinos in general are nice people. ^^

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