One of my friends was frantically calling me over the weekend because she had a very important thing to tell me. My phone was on vibrate mode and I was playing Left 4 Dead so I missed her calls several times. She tried getting in touch with me online but I was still on killing zombies mode.

So when I finally got in touch with her, the first thing she tells me is that Tous Les Jour now has a branch in SM Southmall (which I think opened way back in December last year). It’s located near Etude House between Entrance 3 and 5. She’s been curious about this Korean brand ever since I introduced her to the delicious joys of Korean food (especially Korean ice cream) so she was quite thrilled to find out that there was a branch near her place.

Tous Les Jour is my favorite pastry shop because of how cute and exciting their cakes are. In fact, I even bought one for my friend’s birthday last December.

I’ve forgotten how much the cake was (as always when I do food posts) but I’m sure it was less than a thousand bucks. It was very rich and sweet that we had a hard time finishing it.

It’s good that Tous Les Jour is growing. I think people have forgotten that how food looks adds to the satisfaction of eating it. Not that I’m saying that Tous Les Jour doesn’t taste good but for me the clincher really is the presentation. Tous Les Jour plans to roll out two more branches in Alabang Town Center and J Center Mall Cebu this coming February. I have a lot of friends who frequent the Alabang Town Center so I’m sure they’ll be happy to know this.

For the mean time, if you life near SM Southmall, you can contact their branch there thru 621-0637.

Thanks to Tous Les Jours Philippines for the photo.


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