The Philippine online community has been flooded with memes, tweets, posts, links, and whatever sharing things you can think of about the new campaign for Philippine tourism. The official campaign line developed by multi-awarded advertising agency BBDO Guerrero is: “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. This trended on Twitter earlier not just in the Philippines, but for some time, even worldwide. There has also been much debate on the quality of the campaign which has been described by some as “deceptively simple” but current arguments have moved on to it being the same with an old tourism ad for Switzerland in the 1950s.

Of course, this being a Korean-oriented blog – I took more notice of the Korean version of the line that was tweeted by distiguished journalist Maria Ressa. The line read: “즐거움이 더, 더, 더”. The translation of the agency is that it means: “All the more fun” or “Fun goes to more, more, more!” I find it a little awkward because of the “더, 더, 더” which translates to “more, more, more” (Perhaps the intent was to make it more conversational). Nevertheless, it’s a simple yet clear line that any Korean can understand easily.

This is very important for the Philippines since Koreans comprise one of the biggest groups of tourists visiting the country. I think it’s quite a smart move to have a line that is easily understood and translatable to different key markets. For this, I give a thumbs up to the Philippine  Department of Tourism and the ad agency behind it.

Thanks to and rapplerdotcom for the photos.


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  1. the author says:

    Cool. It’s a nice slogan. Although the Japanese version is quite longer.

    • joon 준 says:

      It’s simple yet quite compelling. I also like that they did not do a literal translation of the original line. Too bad an old 1950s Switzerland ad has been messing up its moment in the limelight. ^^

  2. the author says:

    I don’t speak Korean so I can’t appreciate the Korean version. The Japanese one is good, and is not a literal translation; but they could have made it shorter for better impact. I still like Wow Philippines, but I think It’s More Fun In The Philippines is pretty good, too. Who cares about Switzerland? It WAS more fun there before, but it IS more fun in the Philippines now. :p

    Kudos to Secretary Jimenez. But it should not stop here. Marketing is important, but brand development is MORE important. It’s time the government do something about the peace and order situation, the airports, taxi and other transport system, and other infrastructure and amenities, so that the Philippines CAN host four million visitors a year or more.

    • joon 준 says:

      One step at a time I think. There are still a lot of things that need to be improved in the Philippines. And it helps when you have a campaign that the country can rally around to.

      I know that the airports are already up for an overhaul since these are already in the pipeline. The taxis have been slightly upgraded with the new metering system and I’ve met a lot of good taxi drivers in my everyday trips around the metro. The buses and jeeps are another thing though – still too undisciplined.

      As for the infrastructure and amenities, I think these are gradually being developed – with much help from countries like Korea, ironically.^^

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