One of the top Korean teams from Incheon will be fighting against the Philippine Azkals in a special friendly match on Jan. 21 at the Rizal Coliseum. This game aims to raise money for the victims of Typhoon Sendong which devastated the Cagayan De Oro, leaving over 1,000 dead in its wake. Both the Azkals and the Korean team would be appealing to their respective countrymen to help in the plight of the calamity victims. According to the event organizer, Dragon Promotions, all ticket proceeds will be donated to those affected by Sendong.

Aside from the good intentions of the match, this is also quite significant as Korea is considered a powerhouse in football. The game would also expand the experience of the local football club. This will be the second friendly that will benefit the typhoon victims, as the Azkals are also scheduled to play against the third division club Internacional de Madrid tomorrow, Jan. 7. It can also be recalled that the Azkals also had a friendly match against LA Galaxy with football superstar David Beckham.

All, I can say is that I love this friendly exhibition game. I can finally watch a dream match-up between Korea and the Philippines! And help out in the rehabilitation of Sendong to boot! I salute everyone involved in this event. (^_^)

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