Happee Sy, the concert organizer extraordinaire from Pulp Live Productions, has officially announced through her Facebook Page that there will be no Super Junior Super Show 4 this year for the Philippines. It can be recalled that her company had staged both SS2 and SS3 in the previous years. On her page, she explained:

“Unfortunately, Philippines wont be part of SS4. It is because of reasons that are beyond our control. It was their sides decision, which we have to respect, coz they know whats best for their artists/show. Thanks guys for understanding and for always supporting the boys. Lets just hope and pray for the next possibilities. HK didnt have ss3, we are still lucky to have had squeezed in 2 & 3..”

This heartbreaking news for fans was met by mixed reactions. Some were mature enough to accept the news while others continued to rant about their negative emotions after hearing the news. Personally, I think fans should just move on and continue supporting the K-Pop acts and their albums locally. Concert organizers also have their own bottomline to consider and sometimes it may simply be impossible to make things happen because of circumstances beyond their power no matter how much they want to do it.

Thanks to HAPPEE SY for the photo.


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  1. Song Samdong says:

    Ok lang yun. Sana SNSD naman magconcert dito.

  2. niinyah says:

    Sana sana mabago pa biglaan hahahaha

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