David Choi, the Korean-American YouTube sensation, posted through his Facebook page his desire to definitely try balut on his next visit to the Philippines. This was after he failed to try the exotic delicacy of boiled duck fetus during his last visit (That’s because he went to the wrong place to look for it – There is no balut in The Fort Global City). On his page, he said:

“Next time I go to the Philippines, I WILL try balut.”

As of this post, around 2,700 people have liked this status while about 409 have commented on this. But more than the craving for this Filipino delicacy, what makes this post quite interesting is the fact that David is actually considering the idea of visiting the Philippines again – which is definitely welcome news for fans like me who would be more than thrilled to bring him balut.

Thanks to crazymalc.co.nz for the photo.


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