Asian Society Philippine Foundation, Inc. will be holding a special global leadership training program called “Asia In My Pocket: Perspectives Beyond Our Shores” starting this January. This will be composed of six 3-hour sessions that will give participants an idea of how to foster a business relationship with people from Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and India.

Each session will focus on a specific country in partnership with its respective embassy and consulate. A speaker from the embassy of the featured country will give an overview of the country’s history and culture, business etiquette and opportunities within the country’s business environment. This is in response to the continued growth of Asian countries not just as economic superpowers but also as a cultural force. This is perfect for leaders and business people who are looking for opportunities in the Asian market. It is also good for those who constantly deal with businesses with other Asian countries.

The session on Korea will be held at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines on Jan. 26. The other sessions will be on Jan. 12 (China), Feb. 16 (Singapore), March 8 (Malaysia), March 22 (Japan), and April 5 (India).

There is a P2,500 fee for each session, which will also cover food and beverages. Various discounts are also available for those interested. For more information, send an e-mail to or call 752-4374.

Thanks to the Asia Society Philippine Foundation, Inc. for the photo.


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