With its first episode aired way back in 1996, Wow Mali is the longest-running gag show in the Philippines. I guess the show stays relevant and fresh by incorporating what’s happening in pop culture – just like K-Pop culture. Well, just K-culture to be precise in this case.

LOL? LMAO? ROFL? I can’t even begin to think of the right one to describe how hilarious this old episode of Wow Mali was! This was aired way back in November 13, 2011 but you all know how busy I’ve been so this definitely flew over my head (I just came across this while web surfing). In this episode, a reporter goes around the metro interviewing Koreans in her unique “Korean” language. I find this incredibly funny that I couldn’t stop laughing even if my roommate (yes, I have one) started to give me evil death glares.

Now, you know how I feel when I read those romanized Korean words sometimes. I’m thinking, “What the freaking hell is this supposed to mean?!” while pulling my hair out in frustration. So seriously, learn the Korean language or any language for that matter before using it. It just sounds fantastically stupid when you don’t. (^0^)

Thanks to  for the video.

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  1. 디오나 says:

    so funny!^___^
    but might be misunderstood by Koreans as insulting their language(correct me if i’m wrong),.
    last week,i met my local friend with her Korean friends and some other Filipina,.
    one of the girl is so talkative,translating whatever those Korean guys talk about pretending that she knew and understand it all,.
    i was just listening and just being quiet since i first met them and it’s so impolite to butt in while they’re talking even if im also close to them,.
    i just keep silent though that girl pisses me off,.
    suddenly,one guy asked her to shut her mouth,.
    she said Korean word but the way she pronounced it is kinda weird,.
    then the youngest guy looked at me and said that i am really his style,so quiet and so kind(he speaks in Korean)but the word kind/nice is one of the first Korean word i have learned since i get that compliment a lot when i’m with Korean people,.
    then,the guy who asked the girl to close her mouth agreed and said that i was even pretty(not true)haha^^
    then,the girl looked at me and said,he said that you are pretty but you have to cut your hair short!WTH?!i was about to burst out laughing but instead i just told her that my hair is not real,it’s just hair extension so no need to cut^^
    didn’t tell her yet that i have been studying Korean language for years and still,.
    until we went on drinking,the guys even introduced some Korean drink and Korean foods which is so familiar to me,.
    she kept asking what’s this?!what’s that?!i really can’t believe her!how come she tried to make other people look stupid with her own stupidity?!
    i tried to study not only about the language but also about Korean culture and most specially Korean foods,.
    even when drinking Koreans follow a certain manner which i think is good,.

    you’re right,have to learn the Language but i think it also have disadvantage/disadvantages as like what happened when i dated a Korean guy with her youngest sister(cousin),.they didn’t know at first that i know a bit about their language,.it’s like this,if somebody asks me in Tagalog,surely i’ll answer in Tagalog but since the two of them can speak English,then we communicate through English,but of course since they’re Korean they will be talking with their native language,but also to my surprise i can understand them,if they’re laughing i know what it’s about then the guy noticed that i can catch up on what they’re talking about,.the girl said ” 무서워”,.which means she is afraid,huk?afraid?!find it strange,felt the feeling when it feels like im an alien when i first heard Korean speak their language,.why is she afraid if i can understand their language?!then,the guy even said “조심해”which i think tells the girl to be careful on what she will say,.
    but i think that’s better because i can understand them~~
    not need the feeling of being stupid,.

    first got interested in learning Korean language because i felt so hard for some Koreans who can’t speak English,i felt difficult for them because they can’t express what they want to say~~talk about body language,haha!^^~~

    • joon 준 says:

      The Korean language has a lot of honorifics. It’s like how Filipinos use “po” and “opo” or how you say “kumain” instead of “lumamon” (did I spell that right?) So if you don’t want to disrespect anyone, when in doubt, speak English. Plus Korean guys like to practice their English on others when they can.

      When in a group, seniority is also very important. Like you are supposed to show respect to the senior of the group by pouring a drink for him first or not eating yet until he says so. You are also not allowed to do anything that will cause a senior to lose face even if he is wrong.

      As for Korean guys, just remember always that in the end, Korean guys are still just guys. (^_^);;

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