Amidst all this heart-breaking loss, this is truly heart-warming news.

In the aftermath of Typhoon Sendong, which has devastated the Philippine province of Cagayan De Oro and claimed over 1000 lives, Korea has sent a substantial amount of aid to help out the relief operations.

The Korean government alone has sent US$500,000 worth of aid as a gesture of their sympathy and support for all the victims of the tropical storm.

Some Korean companies operating in the Philippines have also pledged aid. Samsung Electronics Corporation will be giving US$50,000; Hanjin Heavy Industry Corporation-Philippines will be contributing US$20,000; while Korea Electric Power Company will donate US$10,000.

Join Together Society-Korea, a non-government relief organization from Korea, will also be providing US$30,000 worth of aid.

K-Pop Idols like Nickhun of 2PM, VJ Isak, and former After School member Bekah, have also tweeted earlier their concern for the Philippines.

It’s really terrible how this disaster has claimed so many innocent lives. And to think that the  flash floods that reached over two storeys high happened at night while most of the victims were still sleeping is truly chilling to even think about. I really hope that the Philippines continues to show its strong and resilient spirit despite this tragedy.

Thanks to Nikkotinetumblr for the photo.

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