With the holiday spirit now fully in the air, I’m sure a lot of you just kicked your Christmas shopping into high gear. So it’s perfect that a lot of the Korean beauty brands have already revealed their special gifts for customers this season. You can consider some of them as excellent gift ideas (Yes, recycle the freebies!) or they can be added reasons for you to buy your gifts from these brands. Check these out:

The Face Shop

Etude House

Tony Moly

Thanks to The Face Shop, Etude House, and Tony Moly for the photos.

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Hi! 안녕! ^^

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  1. 디오나 says:

    why just saw this blog now?!-___-
    even missed free 빼빼로 from Tony Moly,.
    i want that strawberry princess pen so badly~
    been going loca because of their strawberry princess lip gloss,.
    would really recommend product~
    so cute packaging and gentle for sensitive skin,.
    it will surely brighten up anyone’s face,.
    thanks so much for your blogs,.
    love for Tous Les Jours brought me here^___^

  2. 디오나 says:

    kudos to your blogs!~
    keep spreading the love^^~~

  3. 디오나 says:

    and thanks to your blogs i saw about Korea 101 with Ms.Cherish Maningat Bae,,.
    just watched her few years ago on tv,.i think she is so smart and funny same as Mr.Kring Elenzano though it’s my first time to know her through the video”how to get a Korean boyfriend”,.

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