First there was David Choi, now there’s Clara C. Monsoon Productions is bringing another Korean American musician to Philippine shores. Clara C (Clara Chung) will be performing at Music Museum on Dec 1 as part of her Asia Pacific Tour.

I personally love Clara C’s song “Offbeat” because of its soothing yet playful sound. What makes her incredible is the quirky way she fuses pop and folk in her music. This makes he rmusic feel very classically laidback but with a contemporary charm that still appeals to the YouTube generation. Her voice also has this very ethereal quality that feels smooth and slick like melted butter. She also plays several instruments like the guitar, trumpet, drums, and even the melodica, and glockenspiel (I kid you not).

Clara C got her first big break when she won Kollaboration 2010, the talent contest for Asian Americans. Since then she has performed with and for Korean acts like Jay Park, 2PM, and the Wonder Girls.

So if you’re looking for a good show to watch this December, get your tickets now for Clara C’s show in Manila through Ticketnet HERE. Tickets are priced only at P1200, P950, and P750. It’s the perfect show to start off Christmas month. I’ll be there as well so see you all!

Thanks to ClaraCMusic for the video.


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