The 4th Alternative Korean Learning Experience last Nov. 21 focused on general Korean values. Entitled “Who Moved My Chocopie?”, the talk featured Hwang Jong-Il. He is the Director of the Jung-In Korean Language Foundation and the Executive Secretary of the Sejong Institute in the Philippines.

During the talk, Hwang introduced the concepts of 정 Jeong which is basically sympathy or affection. He explained how this applies in everyday interaction with Korean people. He also discussed the idea of 빨리 빨리Pali Pali, which basically means that Koreans like to do things quick, fast, and efficiently. Hwang pointed out that sometimes, these values may not be understood by Filipinos – which can result to some unfortunate misunderstandings.

What was good about this talk is that it highlighted cultural differences and gave some insights on how to prevent cultural misunderstandings. The lessons learned from it could easily be applied to everyday interactions with Koreans in the Philippines.

Thanks to Korea Beyond KPOP for the photo.

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  1. AHHHHHH is that it??!! XD my gosh all along i thought my Korean seatmate is just very demanding! hahaha i remember the 1st time my friend asked me a question and i wasn’t able to reply at once, he started flooding me with messages faster faster faster. I even got irritated at him and told myself that he’s very demanding. I feel like every time he’s going to ask me a question and proceed it with messages with faster faster, i got this feeling that i’m oblige to answer him -_- Now i understand~ XD

  2. yoori park says:

    he is a good korean business man in the philppines its actually he uses the word pali pali

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