The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines just uploaded photos of three Korean independent movie directors who recently visited the country. Truthfully, these three are among my favorite directors so I was quite dying with envy when I saw these photos since I’ve only met one of them.

First off is Director Yang Ik-Joon 양익준, the genius behind “Breathless” and “A Time To Love”. His two films were included in the official line-up of featured movies in Cinemanila 2011. Before debuting as a director through “Breathless”, Yang Ik-Joon was already working as an actor. His performance in “Breathless” was lauded in several international film festivals garnering acting awards from the 2009 Fantasia Film Festival, 2009 Asia Pacific Screen Awards, and the 2009 Blue Dragon Film Awards. “Breathless” was also his debut as a screenplay writer.

Speaking of all-around guys, Director Noh Young-Seok 노영석 was also in KCC for a special screening of his debut movie “Daytime Drinking”. Director Noh was also multi-tasking in his first movie – serving also as its musical scorer, cinematographer, editor, producer, and screenplay writer. As I mentioned in my previous post, “Daytime Drinking” was also hailed by the international film festival circuit – earning jury awards from the Jeonju International Film Festival, the Locarno International Film Festival, and the Vessoul International Asian Film Festival.

Finally, there’s Director Yoon Sung-Hyun 윤성현. This young director is another slash-slash-slash guy. He’s also a costume designer, cinematographer, editor, producer, and screenplay writer. Even before he made his first full-length movie “Bleak Night” (which was featured in Cinemalaya 2011), Director Yoon’s two short movies have already been invited to several film festivals abroad. These shorts include  “Drink and Confess” and “Boys”. But “Bleak Night” remains his best work (in my opinion) – with the movie garnering awards from the 2010 Busan International Film Festival, the 2011 Hong Kong International Film Festival, and the 2011 Daejong Film Awards.

Thanks to the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines for the photos.


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  1. Jeffrey says:

    I’m interested about KOREAN movies. I’m looking forward to watching
    “Daytime Drinking” For sure it’s exciting and brilliant.. Wow, i wanna watch ” A Time To Love”..

    have a great day!
    more power.

    by: jeffrey

    • joon 준 says:

      Thanks Jeffrey! I’m sure you’ll enjoy “Daytime Drinking”. Just give it a couple of minutes to get its groove on. It starts a little slow (like how drinking really is, heh). I haven’t actually seen “A Time To Love” (or I saw it but I don’t remember the title). So do share your thoughts here once you see it. ^^

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