We all know how much Filipinos are into Facebook (with over 26 million users out there!). So I’d like to recommend to K-Pop fans this Facebook Application called “K-Pop Idol”. This app allows you to establish your own K-Pop Management Company, and of course, create your own K-Pop Idol Group.

I found this app quite interesting since it starts with the selection of your first trainee, whom you train until he eventually debuts in a group. Training is also quite extensive as it includes all the needs of a K-Pop star from singing, dancing, to even acting. You can also customize how you idols will look by shopping for everything that a star needs. What’s even more funny is that you can also create a schedule for them – so you can work them hard if you like. There is also a happiness meter to determine whether your idol is still satisfied working under your management company or not. I’m pretty sure all the K-Pop fans out there would enjoy playing this since it hits so close to home. Plus it’s their chance to put all their biases in one group! ^^

This was created by NoriTown Studio, a Korean company that creates a games for social and mobile platforms. It’s a relatively young company since it only started last Oct. 2010 but I see big potential in the games that it develops.

That’s it for now, I’m off to train my idols!!! They haven’t debuted yet!!! (^0^)

Thanks to Noritown for the photo.

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  1. kpopper says:

    what do the stars with L, T, and G on your trainees mean?

  2. Taffy says:

    Err… do you know how to add more trainees on there? I can’t seem to figure it out…

    • joon 준 says:

      On the home page, there’s a menu on the right side that shows a list of your trainees. This is the one where you can see a profile photo of your current trainees. Depending on your level, you can see (+) signs that you can click to add more trainees. If you haven’t reached the required level yet, you won’t be able to add more trainees. Hope that helps. ^^

  3. Hello.How can i change the leader?.

    • joon 준 says:

      It’s rather simple actually. Just click the “Idol Menu” that is located on the right side of your home screen. You should see the profile pictures of the different trainees that you have. Click on the arrow of the trainee who you want to appoint as the new leader. Then click the “Appoint as Leader” button in the window that appears on the left side of the “Idol Menu”.

      Have fun! ^^

  4. Anna says:

    how do you make a new group?

  5. forevertraxian says:

    How do you schedule part time jobs?

    • joon 준 says:

      First, make sure that your trainee has passed the 1st trainee test. Then click the schedule icon for that trainee.

      Once you do that, a calendar that looks like a planner will appear. At the bottom of the calendar will be different jobs with different salaries that your trainee can earn.

      Click the task that you want then click the day on the calendar when you want it scheduled. Take note that you can only have up to 8 part-time jobs in a day. ^^

  6. lilaznkpop says:

    Is it possible to add more than 10 trainees?

  7. JaneyDaAnimeFreak says:

    I can’t seem to get past the open test for some reason even though i’ve got enough points for vocal, act, speech etc. i think it said something about ‘not enought style points’ or something? Any ideas on how to pass it? is it because my clothes aren’t stylish enough? :/

    • joon 준 says:

      Maybe you haven’t shopped enough. You need to keep on buying stuff for your idols, too. This way, you can earn some of the style related badges. Check your Achievements for your missions (the one with the trophy icon).^^

  8. Riia says:

    Hi, do you know where the Daily Bonus Button is? I’ve been trying to find it S:

  9. nadh says:

    how i couldn’t change the name of member?

    • joon 준 says:

      Yes, you can. Just click the Profile Icon (on the Idol Sidebar) of the idol whose name you want to change. Then click “VIEW” at the top of the Idol Sidebar.

      A window will appear that will show the details of that idol. There will be a Yellow “EDIT” button. Click this and another window will appear.

      This window will allow you to change the name of your idol for 2,000 coins. Just click the “OK” button once you’ve typed the new name. (^~^)

  10. lasdabida says:

    I do not have enough cion to perform the test. where i can get the coin??

    • joon 준 says:

      You need to schedule tasks for your idols. Click the Schedule icon (the one that looks like a ring-bound calendar with a heart). Click the job that you want then click a time on the calendar. You can put up to 5 scheduled jobs each day. You earn money once the time for that scheduled job is over.

      Then you need to come back to get the money once the time is over. ^^

  11. tammy says:

    how do you pass a debut stage? i can’t figure it out. help?! :O

    • tammy says:

      debut audition i mean

      • joon 준 says:

        I’m not sure which one exactly you’re referring to. If you’re referring to the group debut stage, you need to individually train each of the idols in the group so that their combined abilities will meet the requirements of each stage test. ^^

  12. JaneyDaAnimeFreak says:

    Thanks for the help before with the style help (:

    I have few more questions though…
    What’s with the collections that sometimes slides across the top left corner of the screen sometimes? What does it do? How many different collections are there? How can I gain more for each collection? And how can I see how much of the collection I’ve gained?

    Sorry, that’s a lot of questions :/ I hope you can help me! THANKS! ^w^

    • joon 준 says:

      You’re welcome! Glad I was able to help you out~

      As for your collections question, I’m not really sure what you are referring to. What collections do you mean? Clothes? Missions? Badges? Please tell me more so I can help. ^^

    • tlibj10 says:

      how much money you have to spend for shopping to pass Open test? I already purchased almost 3000 but still “lack of style rating” 😦

    • tlibj10 says:

      how much coin you have to spend for shopping to pass Open Test? I already try purchased almost 3000 but it still doesn’t work 😦

      • joon 준 says:

        It’s not just about the amount. You need to change the total wardrobe of your idols and to achieve certain shopping related badges.

  13. JaneyDaAnimeFreak says:

    Well it’s a bit hard to explain because I’m not even sure what it is… :/
    It’s like a small box that sometimes slides across the the top left side of the screen after you’ve collected your pay in the schedule. (Though once it showed up when I helped train my friends members).
    There are (I think) 6 foods (?!) that are there with a small number next to it showing how much of it you have, but it disappears after a few seconds. Have you seen it?

    • joon 준 says:

      I’ve figured it out now. That box you are refering to is the one with vegetables and stuff, right? That one pops out when you’ve done enough hours of certain part-time jobs in your schedule. It’s like the mission badges but with more steps.

      You can’t really see the full progress of each unless it pops out. It’s a special bonus of sorts. I’m not sure how many of them there really are. I think each category has 5 items or so in it. ^^

  14. iheartB2STkiseobwoon says:

    after training my Idol, how do i go back to the Interview test thing??

  15. In my inbox I can see when someone sends me coupons (etc) but I can’t click on some button so that I can get these (I can’t see any button when it comes to free gifts) What to do ?

  16. joon 준 says:

    Wait for the whole page to load before clicking anything. The accept button should be directly beside the gift notification. If that doesn’t appear, try refreshing the page. If it still doesn’t work, check your Flash settings and version to make sure that it is the latest. If that still doesn’t work, try using different browsers. Hope this helps! (^~^)

  17. How do you pass a debut stage? DDD:

    • joon 준 says:

      First, the members of your idol group must all have passed the 7 individual trainee tests. Once they have all accomplished this, you must make sure that they have enough combined skill points required in the debut group audition.

      Then you can take the debut group audition challenge. After that, you’ll be able to train your group together instead of individually.


  18. sirenhavoc says:

    How do I add new members to a group I already have? When I go to member selection it only shows the current group members.

    • joon 준 says:

      Sadly, you can’t add a new member to an existing group. You can only replace a member in the group or just disband the group then reform a new one (but this costs green paper money). ^^

  19. JayJay says:

    Hi Hi~!
    I’m enjoying the game so far, But I need some help…
    How do I collect the money after the schedule?

  20. joon 준 says:

    After the scheduled time for your “job” passes, simply click on the icon in the schedule calendar. Do note that if there is a “Cheer” icon in a schedule, you can already claim the income from that task even if it is not yet fully finished. ^^

  21. Ireth says:

    If all the members are in a group and you want to make a new group… how can I put them without dismiss them? I can’t create more idols so… i don’t know what to do :S

  22. Justii says:

    I have a trainee that should be ready to pass Grade two with all the requirements, but I keep failing it due to “lack of style rating”. I see that someone else has commented about it here, and I tried buying more stuff – got the shopper achievement already – but I keep failing it. At this rate I’m going to run out of money . _. I failed it three times already. Any suggestions?

    • joon 준 says:

      Did you change the outfit of your trainee? It’s not just about buying clothes you know. Try changing everything that your trainee is wearing a couple of times. Replace everything including the hair, eyes, shoes, etc. Don’t worry about buying a lot of stuff, you can resell that later on. Just buy the cheaper items first then upgrade to the more expensive one later on. Hope that helps.

      • Justii says:

        Oh! It works now, thank you! I hope you don’t mind another question though.. At the beginning of the game, I chose to have a four-member group. So I’ve already gotten four trainees, and an extra one at that. Instead of using trainees #1-4 as the group members [they haven’t debuted as a group yet], is it possible to use my fifth one to switch in with one of the first four? … I hope the wording makes sense XD Thanks!

      • joon 준 says:

        It’s ok. I’m glad to help. Yes, you can switch members. Just click the group tab, select member selection then click the “x” icon on the person that you want replaced. Then click the profile pic of the new member that you want to add to the group.

  23. I am having a hard time passing the camera test.. I’ve read the past questions and i did everything that you told them… i changed everything that my trainee was wearing even the hair , i bought some accessories but still it didn’t work. it was said that i failed because of lack of style rating. i tried for almost 5 times.. please help me..T.T thanks :))))

    • joon 준 says:

      What level is your trainee now? Try buying more items. Change the clothes, the eyes, the lips, the hair, basically everything. Did you get the badges related to style already? Like the hair collector badge, the pants collector badge, the accessory collector badge, and the shirt collector badge? There’s also the shopper badge, the shopping lover badge, and the power shopper badge…hope this helps~~~

  24. ileia23 says:

    I was wondering, under the schedule, what does the cheer button do? When I click it nothing happens, it just becomes a thumbs up. :O

    • joon 준 says:

      The “Cheer” button is used for collecting your income from scheduled part-time jobs before the alloted time for it actually has passed. The thumbs up means that you collected money from it already. ^^

  25. I just selected my first trainee, and now I’m creating their outfit, but all it’s coming up with is blank boxes with nothing in them, what do I do? Hahaha

  26. Justii says:

    Ahaha, I’m back again ~ I debuted my first group, and selected a 7 member group for my next idol group. The problem is that we’re only allowed to have a maximum of 10 idols right? I still have 3 more idols I can select, but I would only have 6 out of the 7 idols I need for my second group. Do you know how we can add more idols?

    • joon 준 says:

      Nice to hear from you again. As of now, you can’t add more idols. You can put them all in one group by disbanding your current groups though and forming a new 10-member group.

  27. Arisa says:

    how can i do the interview test?

  28. Julia says:

    I just started the game but after I left when I gave my first idol training and came back he isn’t there? I can’t play because I don’t see him on the main page and I can’t open the training button or daily raffle one to do anything so I’m stuck 😦 help?

  29. Im in level 6. They told me to pass interview test. how ? i can’t see it ..

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