As I mentioned before, Pepero Day 빼빼로데이 is a special holiday celebrated in Korea every Nov. 11. This is held on that day because 11-11 looks like 4 pieces of Pepero sticks, chocolate-dipped cookie sticks made by Lotte (who still denies ever making up this event). So in a way, this year is even more special since it’s 11-11-11 (Nov. 11, 2011).

On Pepero Day, young couples exchange Pepero sticks. There are also those who give them to friends or to the ones they like.

So how was your Pepero Day? (If you even celebrated it) Did you get Pepero from your friends and loved ones? I know I did! Although not from the girl I wanted to get it from. Aish…maybe next year. (ㅠ_ㅠ)

Still, thanks for the Pepero girls!

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  1. anebermudez says:

    I wish I could celebrate pepero day, but here in Norway we don’t have pepero. We have pocky though. But it’s not the same.

    • joon 준 says:

      Oh~~~too bad. But you’re right, it isn’t the same. Are there no Korean mini-marts in Norway?

      I hope it’s not the same with their fellow Scandinavian country, Sweden. I went to Sweden before and I couldn’t find any Korean stores, as well.

      • anebermudez says:

        No there are actually no Korean mini-marts in Norway (there are some asian-marts though, were you can find some Korean products), and there are barely any korean restaurants. That’s too bad, because Korean food is so good.

        Well, as I see it, Korea is minority when it comes to asian influence in Scandinavia. Not when it comes to industrial products and stuff though, because Samsung and Hyundai is pretty popular here.

    • joon 준 says:

      Norway is a beautiful country. Too bad there’s no Korean mart there. Maybe somewhere out there in Norway, there’s a Korean looking for Pepero as well. (^~^)

  2. derdo says:

    This post is cute. You actually spelled out “aish” – an expression I frequently hear in koreanovelas.

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