Among the events that hit the metro over the weekend was the much awaited 20th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival last Oct. 29 at the Aliw Theater. I’m not doing a full post-mortem report of the event (you can find a lot of those online) just a short piece on my thoughts about it.

All in all, I have to say that this event was filled with a lot of entertainment value because of the various performances that drew from both Korean and Filipino culture. From cover groups to special contests, the show was definitely packed with everything for everybody. Except for one glaring thing: a K-Pop artist.

I actually didn’t mind that there was no K-Pop artist since this way, the show proved that the connection between Korean and Filipino culture isn’t just limited to K-Pop. However, what I didn’t like was how K-Pop fans were a bit misled that there would be a K-Pop act during the event. There are even some who claim that they felt tricked (a couple of my non-Korean friends included) because of how some people made statements implying that there would be a performance from a K-Pop artist. For me, this oversight overshadowed what was actually a great event showcasing Korean and Filipino culture.

Maybe full disclosure next time? I don’t believe that you need a K-Pop artist to get a crowd for a Korean event. Just check out the regular K-Pop festivals in SM Megamall. Or the activities in the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. At the end of the day, you don’t need a big K-Pop artist if you can make the event feel big.

Thanks to Arirang Town Philippines for the photo.


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