Although the 2011 Ragnarok World Championships has officially finished with Thailand on top followed by Brazil and Korea, it is quite unfortunate that the original Philippine Team for the event did not even make it to Korea. This was after 5 out of the 7 members from “Naked Nanaman?” Team were not issued visas by the Korean Embassy. Because of this, they were not able to participate in the 2011 RWC which was held in Seoul, South Korea.

The RWC Tournament Committee allowed the Philippines to field a different team instead. Because of this, Raganarok players who came to Korea to cheer the Philipine team became the actual team to play. They eventually lost early on to Korea, 2-0 in the elimination round.

This is such an unfortunate event, but one with lessons for those who wish to travel to Korea. First off, it is very hard or practically impossible to get a visa to Korea if you have never traveled abroad before. Trust me. I know a lot of people who’ve been denied despite having complete requirements and all (even a fat bank account). My suggestion is that you travel to other countries first, like Hong Kong or Singapore, just to prove to the Korean Embassy that you are truly a tourist. And if you can get an American visa, then getting a Korean visa would be so much easier. I think you can get a visa in just 3 days if you’ve traveled to the USA before.

As for the organizers, I’m still glad that the Philippines was allowed to field a different team. This truly captures the spirit of sportsmanship that Ragnarok espouses. Although I do hope that this would not happen again. I’m truly sad for the Philippine team since they were not able to represent the country in the way that it should have been represented. I’m sure they practiced so hard and prepared so much to represent the Philippines. Your efforts will not go unacknowledged, at least by me. Much gratitude goes as well to the team that was fielded instead in the championships. It must have been hard to just suddenly find out that you need to represent the Philippines right then and there. Thank you for your doing your best to represent the Philippines.

Thanks to Philippine Ragnarok Online for the photo.

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