Because of this photo which my officemate saw online, I had quite a funny conversation (more of a debate actually) with her. I was busy minding my own business (in short: not working) when she suddenly said to me: “Gong Yoo got fat in the military, right?!” I was up in arms since Gong Yoo happens to be one of my favorite Korean actors and could only say, “How dare you?! Gong Ji-Cheol is not fat!!!”

As I explained to her how Korean actors and singers usually end up really buff after serving in the military (Just like Lee Dong-Wook HERE), I searched for the old PR photos of Gong Yoo when he was still serving in the military and showed her photo after photo to prove my point.

Even after seeing this, she only believed me somewhat and said “Hmmm…so he lost the weight?!” 아이구!!! Just to be clear, Gong Yoo is not fat: before, during, or even after military service. Just check out those photos!


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  1. derdo says:

    I enjoyed Coffee Prince where he starred. Hasn’t he done any series since?

    • joon 준 says:

      Yes, that’s one of my favorites as well. Gong Yoo hasn’t done any drama series since returning from the military. Although he just did two movies: Finding Mr. Destiny and Crucible (showing in Korea now).

      If you’re looking for a drama, I suggest you look for his old works instead. I highly recommend “Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy”. Don’t mind the weird title, it’s very good. (^~^)

    • gemdr3amer says:

      he did a movie recently in 2010 “FINDING MR. DESTINY”, kinda interesting but since i only like dramas i am not much into it. but i watched it for him tho …So u can check it out 😉

  2. derdo says:

    Thank you very much for the recommendations. I watched Finding Mr. Destiny and enjoyed it immensely. I’ll look for your other recommendation.

    Thanks again.

  3. gemdr3amer says:

    i guessed he went and buffed up instead (not fat but more muscle)…have loved him since coffee prince and will always do. visit my page at to see the korean dramas i think are interesting kamsamida!!!

  4. aiza barredo says:

    gong yoo!! damn! he’s so hot!! i love this hunk!! ^_^

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