Several Filipino Films will be screened at the 16th Busan International Film Festival that kicks off this Oct. 6. These movies will be part of an overwhelming 307 films that will be showed throughout the nine-day event.

Among those featured is “Amok” by Lawrence Fajardo, a movie that captures the violence that is part of human nature as seen through the eyes of various characters ranging from an aspiring basketball player, a mother and daughter tandem of street vendors, a homophobic taxi driver, a gay couple, and a former detective with a nasty temper.

Also part of the official selection is “Fable of the Fish” by Adolfo Alix, Jr. – a strange story of a woman who gives birth to a fish and how it transforms their lives in a way that they never expected. This weird premise is actually inspired by a sensationalized story broadcast on Philipine TV years before.

“Mask” by Laurice Guilllen is another Philippine movie in the official selection. This is a masterpiece about a grieving wife who learns about his dead husband’s secret child while going through his belongings. The movie was shot using Canon 5D, 7D, and 550D cameras so this would definitely be a must-see for technical movie aficionados.

Joining the list is “Nono” by Rommel Tolentino, a story that focuses on the dreams of a little boy who struggles to find acceptance despite his cleft palate. This movie revolves arounds the innocence of childhood amidst the everyday problems and challenges that beset him in an adult world.

Included in the movies from the Philippines is “The Woman in the Septic Tank” by Marlon Rivera, a comedic satire on Philippine poverty porn films that offers new perspectives in the way movie-makers come up with their films. It takes one through the ills of local cinema through the ambitions of two aspiring directors who want to make the next big indipendednt movie.

The movie “Nino” by Loy Arcenas is also included in the New Currents selection. This movie chronicles the fall of a formerly illustrious family that falls into decline when its patriarch suffers a coma. All the member start to lose their minds in their own little ways, except for the little boy, Nino who remains as innocent as ever.

This is an exciting and eccentric mix of Philippine movies, so it would be interesting how cineastes would feel about them. Right now, a lot of tickets for the movies are already being sold out but organizers assured everyone that there will still be tickets sold on site. So if you’re in Busan any time during this festival, you know where to have a fix of Filipino culture.

Thanks to the Busan International Film Festival for the photos.


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