Cebu City will have a grand celebration tomorrow to mark the 1st Korean Day. This will be the first of what would be an annual event for Cebu.

According to Cebu City Vice Mayor Joy Augustus Young, a city council resolution has been ratified declaring every first Saturday of Cotober as Korean Day.

“The event marks the friendship between Cebu City and Koreans mark the friendship that binds the City of Cebu and the Koreans. It’s important to have an activity allowing Cebuanos to understand the Korean community beyond K-Pop,” explains Young.

Among the activities for Korean Day is a parade featuring the Korean residents of the city which will be held around the Ayala Center Cebu at 4pm. This will be followed by a special program, a cultural show, and a Hanbok fashion show.

Several activities like a Korean Food Festival and the K-Pop Star contest have been on-going since Sept. 30 to build momentum for the event. The Korean Film Festival has also been running since September 28 to 30 and will continue its final run in Cebu from Oct. 1 to 2.

The event is organized by the Cebu City Tourism Commission the City’s Cultural and Historical Affairs Commission and the Cebu Korean Association Inc.

This definitely sounds like fun. Too bad I won’t be in Cebu in time. I have a shoot there in the next couple of weeks so I won’t make it. Anyway, have fun to all of you guys out there who can attend this!


Thanks to for the photo.


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