Thanks to Andrew, my new stylist from Tony & Jackey Makati. I love my new haircut and haircolor! You all know how much I liked Tei, my old stylist, who is no longer with us (he’s back in Korea not dead!). So I had really high expectations for Andrew since he had big shoes to fill.

First, Andrew did a full hair color treatment that made my hair a light yellow brown color. This would serve as the base to make the red brighter. Then he did a hair manicure treatment (that is such a gay name) to turn it red. He also just trimmed my hair a bit since I like it the way Tei originally cut it. The red hair color manicure is not permanent and is supposed to fade after a month to reveal the permanent light yellow brown underneath. It would be up to me if I want to have my hair remanicured the next month or just let the light yellow brown stay.

All these was for the price of P4,300 (P2,500 for the hair color, P1,500 for the hair manicure, and P300 for the haircut). That’s full price mind you but I didn’t care because it looked so good! Just a reminder though, it takes a lot of effort to take care of manicured hair. I’m not allowed to use white towels or to wear white when my heart is still wet otherwise, it will stain!

I also chatted with Andrew (in Korean, of course) and that’s how I found out that Tei went back to Korea because he didn’t want to be apart from his girlfriend. I also realized while we were talking to each other that my Korean was becoming rusty since I sometimes forget the formal honorific forms of some words already! Ha ha ha!

Anyway, so next time you’re in Tony & Jackey Makati in West of Ayala Building along Buendia Avenue, look for Andrew. He’s good! And quite friendly, too! He’s off every Tuesday so go look for him any other day except Tuesday. You can also make reservations thru 843-7571.


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  1. insong 익송 says:

    Yup it is only now that iHeard about tei’s leaving to korea. Is andrew better than rei? iDon’t have any idea who my next stylist is. can you give me a hint to which to pick? kamsamhamnida..

    • joon 준 says:

      I like Andrew as a stylist. He just bleached my hair and turned it into yellow orange just in time for the various holiday parties I’m attending. I highly recommend him as well. I haven’t had a perm done with him though. BUt if it’s cut and color you want, he’s good.

      Before Tei left, he also recommended Mika. She’s a senior stylist, as well. She could be another option for you. ^^

      • insong 익송 says:

        네, 감사합니다.. Got my haircut yesterday. Yes he is nice and accomodating like Tei. but he cut my hair too short, iNever thought that it will be this short, though he asked me is it ok? That style is too short.. and iSaid yes. and it turned out to be ok too. hehehe.. thanks for recommending him. iWill definetely come back to get my haircut from him. ^^

    • joon 준 says:

      천만에요! 사진 주세요! I’m glad you tried Andrew out and I’m even happier that you were satisfied with his services. I think he’s really good. Can you post a photo of your new haircut? Next time I visit Tony & Jackey, I’ll mention you to Andrew. ^^

  2. Hi Joon! Just want to share Tony and Jackey experience. Sharon was my hairstylist from SM Manila Tony and Jackey branch, she was good and accomodating but she left to Korea already. I had CK as my hairstylist as he was unfriendly to be frank with. He cut my hair too short and actually not happy with it.

    I might try Andrew’s services on Makati branch. Will try your recommendation mate!

    • joon 준 says:

      Before you start the haircut make absolutely sure that you and the stylist have a clear agreement on what he or she will do to your hair. Sometimes, Koreans can come across as unfriendly because of the difference in cultures. Some have not yet mastered the social skills and natural friendliness of Filipinos. ^^

      I recommend Andrew because he can speak good English so even if you can’t speak Korean you can understand each other. Just don’t go to the Makati branch on weekends since that’s the peak days – it gets really crazy there. ^^

      • Alright, since Andrew sounds like open with hairstyle conversation i think I’ll be able to tell him how i want it to be done.

        Btw, do you know Andrew’s day-off? Will drop by there on weekday. Thanks for the tip!

    • joon 준 says:

      Andrew’s day-off is every Tuesday. ^^

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