Check out the finalists to the 1st Pinoy K-Pop Star Contest! The finals will be on October 28. The winner will get the chance to perform in Korea to represent the Philippines in a special concert featuring performances from all the Korean Cultural Centers in the world!

Let me pretend to be one of the judges of Korea’s Got Talent for the mean time as we go through all the finalists. Do note that the comments should not be taken seriously as they are only the products of my fictional role as a Korea’s Got Talent judge.

Bee Casillan: Love the voice, hate the song. I hope she chooses a better song to show off her vocal chops the next time. Still, a yes for me.

Yeddah Maballo: The video sucks but her voice is stellar. I can’t wait to hear her live without all the screaming. Almost a no because of the girl shouting. ^^

Frenchelle Arl Quezon: She sounds like a star but she doesn’t look like it. Makeover wanted. But there’s a star under all that mess. Yes.

AnonyMUSE: Nice blending and vocal harmony. Too bad the girls don’t look like they’re part of one group. Stylist please!!! Still, a yes for me.

Weng and Avii: A mother and daughter signing tandem – what’s not to love? Mommy, your voice is so beautiful. Yes to mommy even without the daughter!

KPOPSIS: Pleasant harmonization though the second voice still needs some work. I was a bit disappointed when they started singing solo. Yes to angry bird.

Dennis Co Mangubat: Good voice! Hope you don’t look like a troll. Why are you hiding in the dark? I hope you are not hiding something. Yes to the voice.

Patricia Santos: Bored by the song not by the voice. I wish she sang something that showed off her voice more. A yes because I want to hear more from her.

Francis Florendo: You have the voice of a K-Pop idol. I’m blown away by the falsettoes. You have really good voice control. You just need a K-Pop idol’s presence. Yes.

Irene Navarro: Raw talent. You’re a bit pitchy in several parts of the song. But the timbre of your voice is good. Yes…but hopefully you do sing better next time because you sure can.

Val John Librea: The voice is just ok but the performance and the attitude is star quality! Wow! Play to your strengths in your selection of songs and you’ll go far. Yes, Taeyang would be proud.

Karla Carreon: You really had your own recording studio?! Too bad the voice is just so-so (you won’t sound even half as good without back-up singing). Yes for effort though.

Based on their videos alone, my favorites are Weng & Avii (Hopefully she drops the daughter! Bwa ha ha ha!), Francis Florendo (Get a make-over dude! There’s a K-Pop star underneath all that simplicity), and Val John Librea (sing upbeat K-Pop songs and you may have this in the bag).

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    • What a comment ?? O_O i’m one of the kpopsis

      • I think you should hear our live perfomances before you comment it’s just audition

      • joon 준 says:

        The comments were in jest. Have you ever heard about Simon Cowell? I also made a clear disclaimer in the post if you really read it: “Do note that the comments should not be taken seriously as they are only the products of my fictional role as a Korea’s Got Talent judge.”

        And for your information, a lot of great singers/performers/talents don’t get discovered because of bad auditions. If your audition doesn’t show off how good you are, then you won’t have a chance to showcase your stuff. Case in point: eventual winner Karla Carreon – I think her audition wasn’t very good. But she was fantastic during the finals. She could have been eliminated early on if there was someone else who did really well in their audition video.

        If you’re a real performer, you should know how to accept criticism because there are always reasons behind it.

  2. SuHyun says:

    OMG haha
    Actually Avii’s won a lot of contests, and she’s been tagged “Philippine BoA” by the local Korean community :)))
    She usually judges competitions too. The video does no justice :)) You have to see her perform on stageeee

    • joon 준 says:

      Is Avii, the mom? I love the mom! This is the first time I’ve seen her since I haven’t attended a lot of events lately.

      The daughter is just ok. I’ve heard better singers. But the mom is truly classy – on a league of her own. She sounds like Kang Hyun-Jung, the Korean ballad singer who has been featured in a lot of OSTs. ^^

      • kathy says:

        Avii’s the daughter!! She usually performs sing and dance and write her own lyrics.

      • joon 준 says:

        I’m so confused by the two of them. I like the mom. They make a cute tandem. ^^

      • avii says:

        haha thanks Mish but it’s ok xD

        Although the comment about my mom dropping me was kind of a foul (because she had dropped me quite literally as a child, which may have resulted in my crappy voice) thanks for supporting my mom. I kid xD ‘Twas all for the lols anyway, hope you enjoyed our lol performance :”D

      • joon 준 says:

        I’m glad you got the joke avii~~some people took this post way too seriously. ㅎㅎㅎ My friends and I were cheering you and your mom on during the finals. Too bad that this wasn’t your moment. But I think you did great. Maybe if you guys interacted more on stage and had time to practice your Korean more, you would have won (well, that’s just an opinion). But I still love your mom~~~her outfit was soooo 대박 (I hope you know this Korean word because this is the best word to describe it)!!!

  3. Deforest says:

    The one you called “so-so voice” won the contest and will represent the Philippines this coming November in Korea….Thanks for the so so voice…. 🙂

    • joon 준 says:

      Yes. The irony. She was sooooo much better in the finals since she chose a better song that showcased what she could do with her voice (As Simon Cowell always say, song selection is key). When she did her audition video, the song wasn’t right for her voice so I stand by the so-so comment. Ha ha ha! Congratulations to her and I hope she does well in Korea!

      I’m just happy that the two performers that I hated (one was a crazy performer who couldn’t sing in tune to save her life and one was a group who performed the same song 3 times!) didn’t win. (^~^)

  4. moonflower says:

    can you also make a blog about the finals?? its more interesting 😀

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