Today was the first airing of “My Fair Lady” on ABS-CBN2, the Korean drama that I saw way back in 2009. The Philippine airing of this is already quite delayed but I’m still somewhat glad that it finally gets air time locally. “My Fair Lady” airs every 4:30pm during weekdays so this would surely be a treat to those who want to liven up their afternoons.

My Fair Lady is a romantic comedy that focuses on the life of Hanna Kang (played by Yoon Eun-Hye), the sole heiress of the Kang Group. Hanna is the quintessential rich girl – she lives in a magnificent house, wears fancy clothes and shoes, and of course, comes with the snooty bratty attitude to boot. Her notorious temper is proven by the fact that she goes through her personal butlers like she goes through clothes. Any minor infraction and she fires them on the spot without a tinge of regret.

Hanna’s perfect world is turned upside down with the arrival of her new butler, Johan Seo (played by  Yun Sang-Hyeon). Not only is he rough on the edges and quite outspoken about what he thinks, he also hides a dark past as a former gigolo. He initially starts his work with a plan to seduce Hanna (with his looks, I don’t exactly know how) but then he starts falling for her – and she for him.

But then she meets Rovic (played by Jung Il-Woo), a rich lawyer who would rather spend his time for social causes that he supports instead of playing around like she does. He takes his work seriously and he is quite honest and bold about his feelings for Hanna. Because of this, Hanna suddenly becomes torn for the two men possess the same charm for her – a rich guy who doesn’t act like ordinary rich guys and a poor guy who doesn’t act like ordinary poor guys. Who do you think gets her heart in the end?

Well, to be honest this wasn’t my favorite Yoon Eun-Hye drama (who comes second in my heart only to Kim Sun-Ah). Her character here can be quite annoying because of her bratty behavior. Plus I’m not quite sold with the chemistry between her and Yun Sang-Hyeon. However, I like the dynamics of their relationship as bratty heiress and personal butler.

Somehow, I think Jung Il-Woo had better chemistry with Yoon Eun-Hye (especially since Sang-Hyeon seems a bit too old for her) but his character’s development didn’t quite progress. Hence, the lack of a strong threat to the first pairing beyond Jung Il-Woo’s character being much more handsome and richer. It would have been nice if he had been given a chance to go beyond the 2 dimensional cardboard that was in the script.

Still, I enjoyed this drama very much – not for it’s romantic angle, which was quite lacking – but for its comedic value. The leads may lack strong love chmistry but they are quite hilarious as the perfect frenemies. I love their witty banter and the tricks that they play against each other. For this alone, I would suggest that you watch this drama.



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