The whole cast of Scent of a Woman, namely: Kim Sun-Ah, Lee Dong-Wook, Eom Ki-Jun, and Seo Hyo-Rim, arrived in Cebu yesterday for their vacation after wrapping up the drama. They were joined by the drama’s PD, the writer, and the staff in what would be a 3 days and 5 nights holiday at the island paradise.

This was a well-deserved vacation as the drama ended on a high note, achieving ratings of 14.1 nationwide in Korea and 14.9 in Seoul. The drama is expected to air in the Philippines on ABS-CBN since the station acquired the rights to it even while it was still airing. The girls in Cebu are going to be very lucky! Just imagine Lee Dong-Wook wandering around in the beaches half-naked. Ha ha ha!

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  1. May says:

    Scent of a woman I really love this drama, hope the whole cast will drop by her in manila at KCC. Aja

  2. jastinel says:

    Any info where they are staying in Cebu????

  3. jastinel says:

    Please help, where are they in Cebu, a friend of mine went to Cebu looking for them….hahaha????

  4. chocogirl says:

    lee dong wook come to manila pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ann says:

    God im from cebu. where are they? Hope they visit ayalamall cebu my workplace

  6. gra says:

    scent of a woman is definitely my favorite korean drama…the story is such so great and the acting of the lead stars are just superb especially lee dong wook and kim sun ah….i just love lee dong wook. it seldom happens that i admire actors but when i finished this drama, lee dong wook just captures my heart….so as kim sun ah….

    the two stars are very convincing and i hope we’d be seeing them again in another project…

  7. telanna 06 says:

    Yeah yeah! They were here in the philippines. LDW is wandering around in beach half-naked. So shy to come near to them ! Just take a picture of it! :))))

  8. aliyah says:

    i’m so frustrated .. if only i know… hu hu hu .. i should be rich to reach them… at least to see them personally..

  9. val says:

    scent of a woman is one my favorite korean drama , because make me cry, laugh and very romantic ..god bless

  10. mymindbox says:

    wow! she had a lot of fans here in the Philippines. I hope she could have some guesting on our local TV since her drama will be shown here

    • joon 준 says:

      I hope so, too. Kim Sun-Ah happens to be a top tier actress (if not the top) in the Korean entertainment. So I really hope she goes to the Philippines. By the way, do you know that she’s also a classically trained pianist? ^^

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