Song Joong-Ki’s W Korea fashion editorial in the Philippines

Song Joong-Ki poses for a high fashion editorial in the September 2011 issue of W Korea. This wouldn’t normally have merited a mention in this blog if not for the fact that the spread was not just shot in the Philippines but also has a very Filipino touch with the art direction of the background.

What makes this spread very high fashion is the edgy contrast of the clothes modeled by Song Joong-Ki against the “exotic” backdrop of Cebu. It adds attitude and a stylish touch to Philippine street concepts like the “videoke king” (think noraebang jjang), the “tambay” (the street thug), the “nanghaharana” (the guitar serenader), the “manliligaw”  (a guy about to climb the stairs in the home of the woman he’s courting), the “taga-igib sa poso” (the one who gets water from a deep well), and even the “tindero” (the man in charge of a small store).

The photos taken by MOKE NAJUNG have a sharp, edgy look that doesn’t make the shot seem contrived. It captures the moment perfectly as the framing and lighting makes Song Joong-Ki stand out without seeming out of place. This is also partly due to the elegant restraint of the hair and make-up by Lee So-Yeon, which makes the actor one but still outshining the environment. Kudos should also go to the styling by MANA who chose a wide variety of pieces from designer brands that work instead of overpowering the milieu in which they are set.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on beauty and fashion shoots but based on what I’ve personally seen and experienced first hand, this is a good fashion editorial. It has imagery that provokes the imagination, especially if you’ve never been to the Philippines, combining the model-clothes-background in one work of art. The balance between being in the picture and standing out is delicately achieved. In a sense, it makes you want to buy the clothes so you can look just as good even when you are just getting water from the “poso”. The person or team who came up with the concept of this spread truly is aware of the little details about Philippine culture.

W is wow in this case.


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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve been waiting for this spread since I read about his visit on allkpop. Thumbs up indeed to the team of W Korea!

  2. Salvador says:

    nice fashion……..i liked the exotic fashion…… i’m proud that i’m filipino

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