In the world of traditional home-made Korean drinks, perhaps very few can match the sweetness of Sujonggwa (수정과)  or Sweet Cinnamon Punch. In fact, it is so sweet that it is usually served instead of dessert. Made with cinnamon and dried persimmon, this cool drink has ingredients that give it a warm flavor making it the perfect drink even on a cold night like now. In fact, it’s even served as a special drink for New Year and weddings. Just check out the preparation instructions from Maangchi:

But since I am an average man who only knows how to eat (or drink) and not to cook, I have chosen to get the canned version! By using advanced Korean technology and mixing water, cinnamon, dried persimmon, ginger, and enough sugar to make a diabetic cry – the canned Paldo Sujonggwa has found its way to my desk tonight. Just imagine 31 grams of sugar in a 238mL drink. It’s like cinnamon candy in liquid form! Yummy!

Thanks to Maangchi for the video.


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