It’s not really anything newsworthy. It’s a press release after all. But I just couldn’t help posting this since I was just having a conversation with one of my readers, Winter Harmony, about how Mr. Kimbob seems to have changed in quality. Featured in the press release is Mr. Kimbob’s best-selling bibimbap. The write-up describes it as follows:

A perfect sunny-side up sits atop white rice surrounded by different vegetables and sliced beef, an open invitation for me to stir away, which I do with relish, releasing the strong flavors that define this signature Korean dish.

I admit that description did make me hungry. And despite the fact that I can smell a press release a mile away (since I also write them from time to time), I couldn’t help remembering the taste of Mr. Kimbob when I still loved it. Maybe I should try visiting the SM Megamall branch instead of the old SM Makati branch that I used to haunt before? Give Mr. Kimbob another chance will you, Joon?

The SM Megamall branch of Mr. Kimbob is located at the Foodcourt, Lower Ground Floor, Building A. Now, you know  where I’ll be eating next week as I continue my Cine Europa Film Festival season (which is just nearby at Shangri-La.).


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