Goosebumps! My hair stood on end while watching this beautiful rendition of “Bayan Ko” (My Country) by a Korean Choir. “Bayan Ko” is a patriotic Philippine song that is often sang in protests and rallies because of its nationalistic spirit. It just only shows that love for country is something that transcends cultural boundaries.

So for my Filipino readers, may I just say that it’s ok to love and patronize Korean music, drama, movies, and the like but never forget to love your own country. After all, the Philippines is such a beautiful country just in need of love.

Thanks to for the video.


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  1. Macy says:

    Such a beautiful rendition indeed. I’m blown away! It’s interesting how you pointed out Filipinos love for their country or the lack of it. We do love our country. I personally love to explore what the world has to offer. But what I love about Korean movies or dramas is that they don’t create black and white characters, they have very gifted writers who know how to tug audiences hearts, they put great attention to quality without compromising Asian sensibilties. I totally appreciate that. Being exposed to everything Western (American and British), this is a breathe of fresh air. It’s fascinating how it is so relatable to Filipinos and I believe that’s what draws us in. But that doesn’t mean, we no longer love our country. Some people are just probably caught up but I’m sure they’ll come Or I guess its not a surprise knowing how Filipinos can give out their all-out support to anything or anyone they love. So they better be good to us or we could be the biggest fan they could ever lose. Kidding! 😀 Efforts to get to know us, our culturre like this video is very well appreciated.

    • joon 준 says:

      Yeah, I had a discussion with another reader before as well about how in the end, it is only the native who can truly understand and love something that is truly theirs. I’m glad to hear about your passion for the Philippines. I didn’t mean that Filipinos don’t love their own. I just wanted to assure all the K-fans out there that there is nothing wrong with exploring other countries’ culture as long as you love your own, as well. ^^

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